What is stopping India from becoming a developed country?

India falls below many Asian countries on the human development index (HDI). There are multiple reasons which hinder growth in India.
Why is India still a developing nation?

  1. Inequality is the primary reason stopping India to grow.
  • Economic Inequality. The distribution of wealth in India is unequal. Either people are very rich or extremely poor.
  • Social and caste status. The inequality in society for Dalits and lower Caste has been too much in India. They get treated unpleasantly.

2.The government Divide and rule strategy. The Indian Government is very infamous for creating rift among religions or divide them based on religion to collect votes during the election. And people easily get fooled by those leaders.

3.Unproductive population. High population is not a substantial problem. The real problem is unproductivity among the people. China has a high population too but still, they are a developed country in every field.

4.Corruption.The corruption in India is spreading its roots day by day . If no action is taken against it, being a developed nation would be just a dream for India.