class 12 cbse board exams

Like Mahabharata, the story of the board exam for the students of CBSE class 12 had been going on for what seems like a whole Yug. Then finally, one fine day, on 1st June, it was announced by our Hon’ble Prime Minister that the exams are cancelled in the interest of the students. Whether the students heaved a sigh of relief, it was really the parents who swiped the sweat off their foreheads, because let’s face it, everyone is worried about their health amidst this pandemic.

Last year, too, though the exams had started in most part of the country, that was the time the first wave started getting worse, so, the exams were postponed. Half the students had completed their exams, some had one or two exams left, and some hadn’t even started. That is the pattern of CBSE. So it was really a headache on how to conduct the exams. Then since the situation got worse, the exams were cancelled. The marks were declared with the aggregate of the pre-board exams conducted. This year though, it is not an option, because, the students from the beginning had not attended face-to-face class. So, it is now in the hands of the teachers and authorities to brainstorm a way to grade the students that meets everyone’s satisfaction.

The last years grading system was that the students had attended some of the exams. The aggregate of those subjects was taken and the mark was given to the remaining subjects. For the students who hadn’t written a single subject the marks from their pre-boards were taken and according to that they were graded for their board exams.

But this year that would not be the case because from the beginning the students had been attending the online classes so the assessments were all conducted online and let’s be honest, it would have been easy for students. So now if the authorities plan on marking the students according to the internal marks everybody is in a win-win situation. There is also another method that the board is considering. That is grading the students according to their 10th marks.

Since the board has yet to submit their report to Supreme Court, the marking pattern of the papers is not yet finalized. Either way, the one worry of whether the exams are going to be conducted or not has been served but since keeping in mind that the 12th marks are the base for that students career, the decision regarding its marking scheme is crucial and if the board and the Government does not satisfy most of the parents and students, there might be a major negotiation between the two parties and by the time the final decision is taking the students should have been through another Kalyug in Mahabharat.

The option to write the exam after the situation gets conducive for the students willing to write the exam, is just doubtful. We have to keep in mind that this situation is tough for everyone and the government is doing whatever it can but since we have to believe “to each his own”, it is tough to meet everybody’s set expectations and especially since the population of the students and their families constitute a fair share of the population. The Government really needs to think and take a decision that would not only satisfy the current needs of the students but also their dreams they want to follow after their higher secondary.