When we were born, we were vaccinated for many diseases. Have you wondered why babies are vaccinated and how it works? Babies are very fragile and have a very weak or immature immune system and are thus at the risk of becoming sick. A vaccine is a substance that stimulates the production of antibodies and provides immunity to one or more diseases. A vaccine contains an agent that resembles the disease-causing microbe which is either weakened or killed and is being injected to the living beings. When the living body identifies a similar or related microbes in future it destroys the microorganism. The vaccines have been proven to be useful in shielding us from various hazardous health issues. Every year they prevent more than 3 million childhood deaths worldwide from diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and measles, to name a few. Though vaccines have caused some level of worry due to its side effects there was also some and trust attached along with it.

In the current situation in India, the nation is fighting bravely together against the second wave of coronavirus. After much of struggle, many vaccines are invented such as Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V etc. These are considered as a torch in abstract darkness. However it didn’t last long because of the fear of its side effects, the unpleasant happenings, events and news. People are like cat on the wall unable to choose between extremes-one is to stay without guard and increase the risk of exposure to coronavirus and the other, to vaccinate themselves and tremble due to the fear of its side effects which might even be fatal. Of course! Every human body has its own defects and is never identical to the other. The suitability of vaccine also depends on the body conditions. Many people fear that they might fall sick after taking the vaccine. Mostly in remote areas with less awareness and more fear have expressed that they are healthy and strongly believe that they would not get sick even if they are affected by coronavirus and are confident about the immune system.

Even we ourselves must have heard people in our neighbouring areas dying immediately after taking either one shot or both shots of vaccine. Some of us must have also heard people getting really sick after the first shot of vaccine. This creates a lot of chaos because people started losing confidence in the vaccine because they believe that getting infected or getting vaccinated, both can be baleful. I’ve heard many people talking about the vaccine that it is not suitable for all age groups and administering it to the old people triggers new health problems which weren’t visible before. I have also heard many saying that the vaccine is also not suitable for the children as it causes serious health issues when they become adults. But apart from whatever we hear or see, the vaccines are lifesavers and consists of a lot of positives and benefits though it may have some drawbacks too. The vaccines have gone through a lot of processes and tests before being given to the public. The vaccine might not be a perfect solution but still let us hope it paves way for a better and healthier future.