This is probably the biggest question in the head of almost all the incoming high schoolers. Should I join Allen? or maybe Aakash? or maybe do an Online coaching?

You know, you should consider working by yourself. Many a times the power of self study is left behind and children are forced into such coaching’s forcefully even without considering what they want to study. The Indian mentality in families has always been either IIT or AIIMS. It has never been anything else, If a science student plan on pursuing a a humanities degree. It is something for the parent to be worried about.

Now back to the topic, are they worth it? I would personally say they are not. They unnecessarily pressurize the student to another version of themselves. For some students it might be something they want but majority of the case there is an increase of psychological stress and physical stress on the individual. There are examinations held on a fortnight basis in such places and the difficulty levels are much higher than what a lot of people expect it to be. The low marks after the exam are another bad factor playing in depression and suicides. India widely observes a large number of student suicides only due to this. Places such as Kota, ignore all the needs of a student and only focus on the academic path of the student. Many times, due to the absence of friends and parents, students feel like no one supports them and they feel worthless which again causes a variety of problems.

The first way to see through all this would be for the parents and students to think this through as coaching centre may have their own pros and cons, many students would consider the pros over the cons and that is okay. Just think about it before you jump into anything!