The rising rape cases in India

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. And sadly, almost 95% of rape cases in India go unreported. The rape SURVIVORS (not victims) get oppressed because of the societal stigma.

There have been debates around how rapes can be stopped by giving a stricter capital punishment and appropriate sex education. But is that it? No, there are several contexts where we, as a society, are messing up.

  • It is more than obvious that our great society has gone to the extents of blaming a victim to the core for what she was wearing and at what time she was out of her home. But what these people tend to overlook are some basic statistics. In approximately 94.2% of rape cases, the accused was known to the victim and in most cases, relatives were found to be guilty for the latter. In contradiction to these facts, some reknowned people have also went on to give horrendous statements like-“Rape cases have been constantly rising because women have stepped out of their homes to work.” And these statements are mostly given by very educated people.
  • On the other hand, our laws believe that only one gender can be abused and is not ready for the inclusion of violence and non-consensual sex against anyone other than women in the list of “lawful crimes”. The definition of the term “rape” in itself gives an impression of a crime only a man can do against a woman.

Whenever a brutal rape crime shakes our country, people go on to demand mob lynching and death penalty for the guilty. But there are no statistics to prove that capital punishments will reduce this crime. In fact, it can result into repercussions on the victim itself.

Studies conducted by psychologists on rapists and murders side by side prove that- while murderers were well aware of what they were getting themselves into, rapists mostly blamed the victims for what had happened to them and it comes as no surprise that this notion comes from the societal practice of victim blaming.

  1. Moral education – The whole argument points towards moral education as a part of our curriculum as the need of the hour. People highlight the importance of sex education, but moral education would play a more massive role in this.
  2. Better environment for raising children- Parents should be given basic counselling on the values to be imparted to their children and how they should be raised. The way children are raised can affect a child’s mentality and the kind of human being they will go on to become in their future.
  3. Better conviction rate- The conviction rate in India is only 30%. In this case, rapists think that even if they get caught, there is very little chance that they will get actually get convicted or punished for the crime they have committed. The amount of pending cases in our courts make this scenario even worse.
  4. A better society- All the above points will automatically result in a better environment for the survivors and people in general which is the ultimate goal.

“Rape is the only crime in which the victim goes to become the accused.”

And are we ever going to speak up against that?