Film Review- Chak De India

When the whole country is obsessed with only cricket as a sports, a movie on hockey? that too, a women’s hockey. It seemed the producer and the director must be out of their mind. The movie Chak De India may be a motivational effort to redeem the lost glory of Indian Hockey.

The plot is about an ex-captain of the Indian Hockey team, who has returned as a coach to the Indian Women’s National team and fights to make India a powerful team. In the movie, Shahrukh Khan as Kabir Khan, the former captain of Indian Men’s hockey team has been accused as a traitor, for losing the final against Pakistan in the world cup. He sees as an opportunity to redeem himself from the disgrace.

Kabir Khan always believed that it is not that we can’t win but it’s just that we have never believed we can.

The film has all the right elements mixed- ironical comedy, seriousness and bubbles of emotions.

Khushi Agarwal