How life is better with Yoga blog

health is a state of complete of the body mind spirit

when one is free from physical disabilities and mental disturbed

the gates of the open soul

In today modern time science is developing by leaps and bonds. Scientists have invented various things that make life very easier. Invention of computer mobile phones and internet made our life easy we can complete a talk very faster. Our life taken a great momentum. Though internet we can complete our bank transactions, selling purc,learning, appearing for an examination sitting at home. With it we can communicate with the person thousaof people which is kilometers away from us with these invention information has arrived at our doorsteps this need to be considered agreat change comparing it with the last decade.

all these invention are for our pleasure on the other hand we also experience that instead of all the aforesaid invention humanize has some discontent these all invention make us to run widely which in turn creates disturbance in mental peace , stress, depression

thus rather happiness we are walking to unhappiness. We are victims of various diseases like thyroid, hight BP,diabetes, hearts attack, illnesses to nervous system, asthma,illness of reproduction system ETC. With these physical illnesses we also are losing our mental peace. Now days it’s really important to do daily yoga to stay healthy and fit.

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