“MOTHER” – is it a person or a simple concept?

Pretty obviously, the word consists of 6 letters. But, at the same time the word stands for 6 different characters all over the world each and every time – elder sister, mother, one’s better half, younger sister,  one’s friend(named as “girlfriend” if true love exists there) and lastly and most evidently, world’s strongest warrior. Everyone gets an idea but a few can execute that. With due respect to all the fathers, it must be said that if father is an idea , then mother is the execution of that idea or in a broader sense, if male is a thought, then female is the picture perfect setting of that. They are the true backbone, just like the way a tree gets grown up gradually after sowing the seed or just like the way the moon shines standing before the sun in a moon-lit night. If one knows the answer of a problem, one needs steps to prove it right? Same exists here.

Now, no matter who this mother is, one can produce it by itself. Going beyond the society, it can be witnessed that people are growing up alone. At times of misery, people are there to show people the way out and get out of ruin. They are the backbone of themselves, just like the way some trees get themselves attached to a support to get stabilise them by their own. They need none to take care of them. For them nothing like “mother” stands.

So without concluding, traditionally, a question can be arisen that does “MOTHER” exist in reality to make things easier or is it  just a concept which necessitates the existence of self- characterization?