Citizens are getting modern. Human beings are touching the sands of moon. People also have witnessed the magic of computer and have entered an era of curiosity. But there are some age – old beliefs which are neither scientific nor reasonable. Those are called superstitions.

At the time of starting from somewhere, if someone sneezes or someone calls one back or a cat crosses path, one must stop and start afresh. The hooting of an owl, shouting of a domestic dog and the site of one Martin bird is held ominous. In rural backward places, people believe in witchcraft and sometimes kill innocent old hags out of superstition. It destroys the power of one reasoning .They decelerate one’s progress and sometimes make one inhuman and eccentric.

The only way to stop spreading superstition is education. If students get the proper education, they can spread it at a large scale and after becoming the new citizens they can witness a society which will be free of superstition.

At least we can hope so.