To be honest, prosperous villages have turned into the towns of today. It should also be mentioned that a town life and the country life can never be compared because both of them have merits and demerits.

In town there are good market shops good means of communication, there good hospitals schools etc. People can get good physicians, nursing homes medical centres in town but a town life is thickly polluted. Every single element of environment gets polluted by the atmosphere created in town. Indeed, it is the fault of the people who live there. The factories take part in both air pollution and water pollution. Also in times of festivals, people use loudspeakers crackers with vigour to create noise pollution.

In the other hand, village is free of pollution there are lots of extensive meadows, green fields ,lots of fruits, flowers, trees, plants .Villagers can enjoy fresh food and vegetables and sound sleep and comfortable  rest, free of sound and air pollution. But in village, one cannot get good nursing homes good physicians hospitals proper education and necessary communications.

If one lives in a town, he will be deprived of fresh air and a satisfactory atmosphere. Also if one lives in village, he will be deprived of all the necessary things which are needed in the modern era.

At the end we can conclude by saying that one should be satisfied bye by the conditions made in the particular area so that one never get deprived by himself.