Some say if you want success surround yourself with successful people. I say if you want true and lasting success surround yourself with people of integrity

                                                                                                      Charles F. Glassman,

It is often regarded as brain drain. It’s a serious problem of developing countries. Talented students of India get migrated to several foreign institutes every year.

Needless to say, it’s a great loss to our country. Developed countries like USA, UK etc. offer the best students the best jobs with lucrative salaries and the best opportunities to research. As a result students become reluctant to lose the opportunity

To solve the problem government should set up the infrastructure and facilities up to the mark for those students who are getting migrated every year.

According to me it should not be the case of the government only. Students should also have the patriotism and responsibility towards their motherland. If they become enough qualified and get the confidence in themselves to make more like him or her literate, then that would be more beneficial for him and the government too.