India is a vast country with many beautiful spots, historical sites and places of pilgrimage. From the Himalayas in the north to Kanyakumari in the south we have numerous tourist spots which are attractive in the truest sense all over the world. Agra with the Tajmahal, Ajanta and Ellora with rock cut caves, Mawsynram with its vigorous presence – are all tourist spots of international frame.

Also West Bengal takes the lead when it comes to the matter of beauty. Darjeeling – the mountain queen, Hazarduari palace in Murshidabad, Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata, and so on – are the places which are at the bangalees’ hearts and of course, all over India.

However, tourism in India also helps India to increase the economy rate and takes part in increasing the national GDP. We should salute to the people to take care of the tourism and make several minds free of misery, anxiety and all other mental problems which are a matter of disgrace nowadays.