Best 5 In demand jobs in 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 was one of the challenging years in terms of health and professional life. People who are planning to search jobs in 2021, whether you want to go in a same field, or you want to change your stre am, then prepare yourself with good skills.

Here are 5 best in demand jobs in 2021:

Business Development and Sales

Every company needs people who can bring in revenue. Employee in those roles should develop new relationships with all clients, and organizations as well. Hiring for these positions increased more than 45% between 2020 and 2019.

Data Scientists

They are high level professionals who work to extract the value out of data. Employees combine market, business, and customer data from many sources to process, observe and interpret it to uncover the underlying patterns within the data. These types of insights help to understand AI/ML tools which helps to automate business process, boost ROI, and also increase client satisfaction.

Digital Marketing

It is one of the most trending and in demand job position. According to LinkedIn, professionals who have or can grow marketing skills from data analysis to copy writing, they are more preferable. Skills required for this position is product marketing, digital strategy and brand management as well.


This is the most prestigious job and employee who work as a nurse did an amazing job in 2020 by saving so many lives and they still do. Undoubtedly, Nurses are in demand. For this position, a person should have bachelor’s degree and can face challenges any time, then this job role is perfect for them.


People with this job role usually have a high school diploma. Professional electrician can also work under someone and also they start their own businesses. Demand of Electricians is getting increased day by day.