Book review : The power of your unconscious mind

This is our comment on the “power of the subconscious” by author Joseph Murphy. A self-help e-book will help those who are struggling to turn their ideas into reality. Power beyond our daily ability. The book is divided into several parts and contains many items. As the book draws to a close, the theory becomes more complicated. It is easy to follow the examples in the e-book, and these examples can serve as meaningful comparisons for breaking down complex sentences. Sometimes it can be regarded as a self-service e-book, suitable for those who have no motivation to take defensive measures and turn ideas into actions. Because, due to non-public prejudice, whether we want to solve these problems or not, we may become one of the biggest obstacles to our way forward. This is not a new book, it first hit the shelves in 1963. Even after six years, knowledge is still true. In a sense, unconscious thoughts have always attracted me because I was attracted to this idea a few years ago. The idea that we can explore without actively paying attention to the subject or listening to the recording in our sleep still bothers me today.The starting point of this idea is a journey about how the electrical impulses ignited in my talent can lead to physical manifestations in the form of something as simple as housework, and the complexity of my daily tasks that I minimize every day. It’s like owning a service vehicle when you reach a safe experience level; the body just reacts to the situation. In fact, when website visitors actively consider sharing tools or know very little about the content of the tournament, it slows down your reaction because the idea is executed faster when executed unconsciously. The author Joseph Murphy makes some lofty claims that this is still a reality beyond any scientific basis or certification. You should use your personal collective judgements, as well as the statements in the e-book, and try to get things done. Instill it in your life from him. Won’t hurt him. It may also be useful to you, or you may be tired of preparing to present important meanings, but it provides many options in e-books. Your genius should keep this idea and use it to make your existence higher than personalized. Because there is no single method for human thinking. Since subconscious thinking works from the beginning of our business to our last breath, we can find its wider application in the following simple steps. Obviously, he is a spiritual man who uses biblical royalties, and they turn the entire experience into thought, even if it does not include a spiritual perspective. I am a lazy atheist, and giving up the idea of ​​an unnamed god used to be a difficult capsule to swallow, but there is no scientific objection to some factors so I can check it, admit it for a minute, and others will think about it. I can quantify and examine myself.