Watching Clouds : A Mindful Activity

Clouds are beautiful, aren’t they? A clear blue sky with cotton white clouds is one of the prettiest views you can see from your balcony. Maybe it sounds silly but staring at a sky with clouds is indeed a great mindful activity. Watching the clouds go by with winds makes you think about those unsaid thoughts and at some level helps you to self-introspect. It somewhat like meditation.

In a life full of tasks and duties, take some time off and try cloud watching and you will realize how a simple activity like this relaxes your mind.

As Italians say, dolce far niente is equally important in our everyday lives. Dolce far niente means the sweetness of doing nothing. (This does not mean being lazy) The real meaning behind this is finding pleasure in doing nothing or relaxing.

This may sound easy but it is not. In today’s world when staying away from our phones and laptops seems like a tremendous job. How can someone enjoy the art of doing nothing.

Cloud watching is one of that ‘ art of doing nothing’ activities. Just sit down outside or take a walk outside and during this time try to appreciate those white coloured clouds in the sky. It may sound like a small activity but I think it makes a real difference.

Feel free to try out this mindful activity because it is free of cost 🙂