Due to the devastating pandemic education has changed dramatically, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are affected in school closures or are out of the classroom. Even before COVID-19, there was already high growth and adoption in education technology, with global tech investments reaching US$18.88 billion in 2019 and the overall market for online education projected to reach $350 Billion by 2025. Whether it is language apps, virtual tutoring, video conferencing tools, or online learning software, there has been a significant usage since COVID_19.


  • Online class are convenient – The biggest advantage of online class is that everything is available to you. You can get announcements, access notes, review assignments, take practice quizzes, discuss questions, chat with fellow students. Other than certain due dates, you make your own schedule for completing the requirements of the class.
  • Online class offer flexibility – Online class gives flexibility to spend time with work, family, friends or any other activity you like.
  • Online class bring education right to your home – Children may take interest in online environment. Parents may look over the shoulder of an online student while they are surfing across the web. In shorts, everyone in the household gets involved in learning. Having the support of your family and friends makes you more likely to succeed.
  • Online class offer more individual attention – Many students aren’t comfortable asking questions in class for fear of feeling stupid. Many times you think of a question after class or while you are studying. Rather than trying to remember to ask it or forgetting it, you can send an e-mail to the instructor, your opportunity to learn is enhanced.
  • Online class have financial benefits – Although you may think that buying computer and paying for internet access is pretty expensive, consider what if would cost you in gas and parking each month if you were driving to campus. Consider the costs of eating out versus eating at home. Consider the costs of pet-care or any other care that you need to provide while you are away from home. These are very tangible benefits of having access to education at home.


  • Online class require more time than on-campus classes – You will spend more time studying and completing assignments in the online environment than you will in an on-campus classes. The online environment is text based. To communicate with your instructor and other students, you must type messages, post responses and otherwise communicate with your fingers. Typing is slower than speaking. Each word you type it and compare the difference if you had spoken the same.
  • Online class require good time-management skills – An internet based class demands that you develop personal time-management skills. Online class require the self-discipline to set aside chunks of time to complete your studies. It means you have to make online studies priority and not let other activities interfere.
  • Online class give you more freedom, perhaps, more than you can handle – This freedom can be dangerous if you don’t learn how to handle it.
  • Online class requires you to be responsible for your own learning – Only you are responsible for your learning. You might not take responsibility for your studies and your goals.