Decline of print media

-Aastha Joshi

Print media had been in a decline way before the introduction of the internet in the 1990s. This downward trend began with televison’s emergence in 1950s. The internet rise of the 1990s brought hope with many print companies believing this would be an outer avenue to make profits. However with the rise of google and social media things saw a drastic change. The ability of the search engines to find a particular writer or blog means that it makes the print version of the paper useless. News outlets saw the internet as a new opportunity. Media outlets grew profits by giving out news through online articles via the internet because it was the cheapest and quickest way to make money. According to Michael Barthel’s “Newspaper: Fact Sheet in his research on newspaper sales at the Pew Research Center, weekday and Sunday newspaper circulation fell approximately 7% and 4% respectively in 2015, the biggest decline since 11% and 8% in 2010.TV and internet are the most influential sources of mass media in current scenario, and in the ultra fast paced life television and internet has preceded newspaper in almost all the aspects and has reached out as the most feasible and convenient option. Internet is one of the most hyped technological tool which has been has been declared the most favorable outcome by all the netizens. The consumption rate of internet currently in top notch and it has been an indispensable part of humans these days. Internet helps disseminate a message to a wide ranging audience in a much lucid way. Its one of the most feasible option considering that it is very portable source of information in comparison to other sources. Internet keeps us updated with every chain of events that is happening or has happened around be it current affairs, controversial acts or historic events. It has minimalized human efforts to the utmost level, now in just a span of few minutes we briefly study various things and various topics even while snuggling in our beds. As we have seen internet has increased the spectrum of learning making it limitless, while giving people a great platform to showcase their talent and making learnings lot more convenient by proving students with teaching platform. In the aspects of television we can say it is more leaned towards the interest of audience as it is more visually appealing due to the short clipping ads and auditory effects attached to them catching the sight of people. Visual and auditory effects combined together leads to fast leaning and grabbing more attention. Moving on the same policy TV and internet has lead to a slow death of internet, while newspaper requires full attention of the person reading it and looks pale due to the print making the people lose interest in it. TV on the other hand provides us with the information that is necessary and in brief and is a great source of entertainment. We quite often look that any posters or articles on internet or social media has a vast reach in comparison to newspaper. All the social issues and concerning issues have been bough to light. Internet and television have been used as a great weaponto spontaneously use against culprits of issues for example the increase in number count of raped have been actively talked on social media, awareness ads on women’s rights and education have been rendering all over the social media, internet and television creating a pressure on government to take optimal steps to resolve the problems. Television and internet act as a more sensitive medium to those who are not literate acting out as a possible source of knowledge. The absence of audio and video element makes it dull. It required too many resources, such as paper, ink, and print systems, etc. Also, it needs many delivers to distribute to each home subscribers demanding lot of hard work, time, resource and labour. But with just a click the work done, articles and ads get available to all the population using internet. Internet also provides us with immediate information present. Too much technology and the lack of reading has led to the downfall of newspapers as actual paper articles. Everything is electronic now so people prefer to buying subscriptions instead of a newspaper. Once printed, mistakes are difficult to correct in newspapers but the mistakes can be edited on much easier internet. In newspaper the content is out of date before we actually read it so it loses its value. Internet in comparison to newspaper is more accountable, reachable and gives more freedom to express ones ideas and thoughts giving liberation. It serves multi-lateral purpose and seems to provide much more opportunity in comparison to newspaper for a better growth. Lately lots of journalists have switched to digital media used by internet and TV choosing these non-conventional jobs as a source of their bread and butter for a steady growth in their lives. So it can be said that TV and internet lead to a downfall of newspaper industry.