Solitude- A Joyful Pill

A warm breeze brushing your cheeks when you are sitting idly on a swing on your lawn, the sun rays glazing up your skin while the wind just caressing your hair. Doesn’t it sound delightful? The time you are giving to yourself keeping aside those hectic and materialistic things and just wondering about the galaxies far greater than any of this.

Solitude is my best friend which nurtures me and rejuvenates energy to thrive in the fast-moving world. It gives me an opportunity to introspect and help me find who I am. A time in a day or week where I am free to ponder on anything, I don’t have to force myself to stress about my future, my relationships and I could be myself having to worry about no one. I feel connected to every fragment of my body and I can talk to my soul.

Away from the hustle-bustle of eager beavers and loving myself without worrying about judgements is Solitude for me. Solitude makes me see across the shiny and gigantic buildings to catch a glimpse of rainbows and blissful skies, I could smell the earth and dance with flying leaves. The joy of watching the sun rise from east filling the starry sky with golden beams or enjoying it setting down leaving crimson waves on the horizon.

Solitude is not loneliness, it is an important vitamin to boost my soul and heal me without hefty gadgets. It is like walking on an empty road where you travel alone and it will take you home to yourself, at a place where your soul can breathe.