OTT – The New Cinema?

Image Source : GLAMSHAM

OTT stands for Over The Top. This platform has gained a huge number of audience in recent couple of years. Most of them are teenagers who are now preferring the content on these platform. OTT has many service providers i.e Netflix, Hotstar, HBO, Amazon, Hulu etc.

The services generally include content in form of Movies, Web series and Mini series. But why have the people shifted to these platforms rather that the fact that Cinema had a wide number of Movie content over the years. The reasons could be :-

  • The Covid Pandemic – Since March 2019 the country is observing the Covid 19 cases due to which it was decided to shut down the Cinemas. As the cinemas have very high tendency of people occupancy which could trigger the virus.
  • Availability – The OTT platform is available at homes and on every set-up i.e Computer, Laptop, Mac, Android, IOS, Windows.
  • Accessibility – It requires an Internet connection and any of the above available set-ups.
  • Affordability – Comparing to Cinema, the OTT is more affordable with its periodic subscriptions.

OTT > Cinema

  1. The content on OTT platforms have observed a consistent quality over time which cinema has failed to do.
  2. The entertainers who could not work for the Bollywood industries are now given opportunities to showcase their talents.
  3. OTT platforms show stories more relatable and convincing content to the personal life of a common man.
  4. There are very few projects that require very high budget or expenditure than Bollywood movies.

OTT < Cinema

  1. Movies are generally of 1 to 2 hours of duration but OTTs have a higher duration as it is distributed under episodes. This also results in increased screen time.
  2. The series many a times have different seasons to catch up to, which consumes a lot of time.
  3. We all know that its more fun to watch an action movie in public crowd of cinema rather watching it alone on OTT.
  4. OTTs have more adult/vulgar content as compared to cinema movies.

Both of them has their merits and demerits. Till date OTT has played very important role in substituting Cinema when needed to entertain us during Lockdowns. But I am sure that many of OTT lovers will definitely go to Cinemas to watch the movies after the end of restrictions.