Pegasus (the Spyware)

What is Spyware?

Spyware is software with malicious behaviour that aims to gather information about a person or organization and send it to another entity in a way that harms the user. For example, by violating their privacy or endangering their device’s security.

Pegasus (Spyware) –

Pegasus is a spyware devoloped by the Israeli cyber arms firm NSO Group that can be covertly installed on mobile phones(and other devices) running most versions of iOS and Android.

How Does Pegasus Spyware Get Into Your Phone?

Pegasus is said to be so sophisticated that it does not require a mobile phone user to click or open a text or visit a web page to get activated. It works very clandestinely without raising any red flags. The malware, experts believe, has been in circulation at least since 2016.

Once it has made its way into your phone, it can turn the device into a 24-hour surveillance system. The malware works on Windows and Mac computers, and also on Android and iOS smartphones. It can be delivered via email, SMS, WhatsApp or using the sophisticated ‘0-day’ vulnerability exploits, which are unknown even to device manufacturers. It can copy texts you send or receive, collect your photos and record your calls.

Who Can Be Infected With The Virus

The simple answer is everyone with a smartphone that’s connected to the Internet. In iPhones, it has been reported, that the malware can gain access to even root or administrative systems, according to a report in The Guardian.

Based on the reportage so far, it can be safely said that it does not matter whether a person uses WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram or Signal, their phone is vulnerable to Pegasus attack.