Education is very important for the betterment of everyone’s life and as such, we all should understand the importance of education in our lives. It enables us and prepares us for all aspects of life.

Even after several educational awareness campaigns by the government in underdeveloped areas of the country, where the education system is still weak.

People living in these areas are very poor and spend their entire day just to meet some basic needs.

Therefore, extensive efforts of all are needed to create the possibilities of a proper education system in all corners of the country.


We need the active participation of all to promote the level of the education system in our country.

School and college authorities must set some main objectives for education, to raise interest and curiosity in their students for education.

The fee structure should also be discussed at a wider level because of the high fees, many students are not able to continue their education which leads people to inequality in every aspect of life.

Education is the major and compulsory right of man, so everyone must get equality in education.


Knowledge is the best wealth. All happiness is attained by learning, by virtue, by mercy, by merit, by wealth and by religion.

Our intelligence is also sharpened by the knowledge gained from learning.

We have to balance the convenience of education for all, to bring equality between people and equal personal development across the country.

Education helps everyone in society to transform themselves into positive things by interfering with the things around them.

It promotes the necessary advancement in the technology of education besides maintaining balance in our body, mind and inner body.


Home is the first place in our lives and parents are the first teachers of their children.

Every child learns to speak to his mother tongue first. Parents are the ones who teach us the right importance of education.

We study slowly and climb the steps one by one to complete our studies until the tenth. But to get more knowledge and technical knowledge in life, it is very important to get a higher education.

Educated girls have made a positive impact on Indian society by contributing to various fields like medicine, defence services, science and technology.

Today’s girls have also contributed well to the field of business and have handled both their home and office very well. Also, read an essay on education conclusion.


People living in backward areas are not receiving the proper benefits of a good education because they lack funds and other means.

However, some new and effective strategies have been planned and implemented by the government to solve this problem in these areas.

Education has improved the mental state and changed the way people think. It brings confidence to transform and achieve success and experience and transforms thinking into action.

Without education, life becomes goalless and difficult. Therefore we should understand the importance of education and its necessity in daily life.

We should encourage it, by telling people about the importance of education in backward areas.

Disabled and poor persons also have the same need for education and equal rights to achieve global development like rich and ordinary people.

All of us should do our best to be educated at the highest level, as well as to make it possible for everyone to have access to education.

In which all poor and disabled persons can participate on a global basis.

Some people live very sad lives by remaining completely illiterate due to lack of knowledge and skills.

Specific people are educated but due to lack of a proper education system in backward areas, they are not skilled enough in earning for their daily work.

Thus, we should try to give equal opportunities for everyone to get a good education system, whether it is poor or rich.


A country cannot develop without individual development and growth of citizens.

Thus, the comprehensive development of a country depends on the prevailing education system available to citizens in that country.

The common goal of providing a good and proper education system to the citizens in every region in the country should be set.

Effort should be made to make the path of education easy and accessible because only by this our country may lead to all-round development.