Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior.

A primary goal of management education is to develop students into managers who can think ahead, exercise good judgment, make ethical decisions, and take into
consideration the implications of their proposed actions.

Organizations are complex systems.
Where is a need to understand how the system operates esp. in a sociotechnical system – humanity and technology.
Human behavior in organizations is
sometimes unpredictable.
Behaviors may come from deep-seated needs, lifetime experiences and personal value systems ,Human behavior in a organization can be partially understood
And Applying the frameworks of behavioral science, management and other disciplines.

There are no perfect solutions to
organizational problems well, Increase the understanding and skills – work relationships can substantially upgraded

An organization is a collection of people
who work together to achieve individual
and organizational goals. Or it can be a consciously coordinated social unit,
composed of two or more people, that
functions on a relatively continuous basis
to achieve a common goal or set of goals.

Organizational behavior is actually the study of human behavior in the workplace,
And the interaction between people and the organization, and the organization itself.

It’s basic goals focuses on the behaviour of people under a variety of even understanding the reason for the same . Managers need to remember that organizational behavior is a tool for human benefit

Organisational behaviour encompasses three broad areas which are mentioned below
1.The Behavior of People in Organisations

2.Organisational Structure

3.Behavior of organization

Anone studying about the importance of organisation and organizational behaviour will get to know it’s major aspects and Develop its skills to function effectively in the workplace. It even leads in the Growth of personality through insight into human behaviour as well as Enhance overall organizational effectiveness.

Thank you.