What is the Difference Between Gaming Laptops And Normal Laptops?

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Ever wondered what specialties distinguish a gaming laptop from a normal laptop?

Well, there are a lot of factors that act their part to make a Gaming laptop significantly better than Normal laptops. Let’s discuss what they are.

Graphics Card or GPU:

What is gaming without vivid real-life graphics? The additional dedicated Graphics card or a Graphics Processing Unit in Gaming Laptop allows your high-definition games to run more smoothly and provide improved performance. Many manufacturing companies are adding GPU in the laptops for high functionality which can be helpful even in your official works.

The advanced Graphics video cards allow better realistic landscapes and actions. Graphics cards are available in 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB. A higher capacity GPU will enable you to have an unprecedented gaming experience and also allow 3D gaming.


RAM is another important feature that makes gaming laptops have an edge over normal laptops. The capacity, as well as the speed of RAM, determines how fast and smooth would your machine run. Unlike normal laptops, most Gaming laptops have dedicated VRAM for video memory. Usually, normal laptops have 2 GB RAM, whereas Gaming laptops support 4 GB or more capacity RAM.


The Processor too plays an important role when comparing a gaming laptop and a normal laptop.

Gaming laptops are powered by high-velocity processors which enable functioning to be swift and need minimum buffering. You would appreciate the sudden freezing of your screen in the middle of a tournament. The normal laptops do not have these high-performing processors but have comparatively slow-running quad-core processors. So while opting for gaming laptops, nothing beneath the GHz range must be considered.

Screen Size and Display

While playing HD or 3D video games, screen size and display become important factors. Gaming laptops have a wider aspect ratio which can give you a more vivid gaming experience as it will fit the display more accurately.

Viewing angle too is important in laptops as it will give you wider coverage of the field of view. You will be able to see the display from almost every angle.

Battery Life

While discussing the difference between a normal laptop and a gaming laptop, battery life is a vital point to consider.

High definition video games will consume high powers and certainly, you would not want to drain your battery when you are at a crucial point in your game. It’s frustrating, right?

That is why you need a higher and more powerful battery in your laptop. Normal laptops generally have a battery life of 5 to 6 hours once fully charged. But gaming laptops with stellar batteries can provide you with a run time of 12 to 13 hours at one charge. With this improved battery life, you wouldn’t be fearing running out of battery ever again.


As most of the video games available are played online, you should always prefer a laptop with a Wifi connection. With that, you would be able to connect to the Internet at public hotspots and communicate with your fellow players online. It is an important feature even for business and other official purposes, but often normal laptops skip this feature. Replacing your normal laptop with the gaming one will allow you to work online uninterruptedly via a Wifi connection.

Bluetooth connectivity is a major characteristic to look for in a laptop. Gaming laptops usually support Bluetooth connectivity and allow easy sharing of your data. Also, Bluetooth helps in connecting with new-age Bluetooth-compatible speakers and headphones with your laptop to give you a better audio experience.


Another point is the difference between gaming and normal laptop is their keyboard.

Normal laptops tend to have a keyboard for light uses. It has inferior durability to mechanical keyboards of Gaming PC. But the specially designed gaming laptops are equipped with mechanical-type keyboards which offer increased tolerance to your excitement-filled hits.


Nobody will deny that illumination can elevate the gaming experience to the ultimate level. Normal laptops usually don’t offer any LED illumination or backlighting feature. Whereas, gaming laptops often feature stunning customizable RGB LED lighting that would give your gameplay a more lifelike feel.

Input-Output Interface

USB and HDMI ports are useful on any laptop. Gaming laptops usually offer multiple jacks for connecting external devices than the normal ones.

Internal Cooling

Long hours of uninterrupted working often leads to overheating of laptops. Gaming laptops generally come equipped with extra internal cooling fans and improved wiring for better heat dissipation than normal laptops.


We hope this concise article has provided all the required information you needed to know about the difference between a gaming laptop and a normal laptop.

Though gaming laptops are a tad bit more expensive than the normal ones, they are definitely worth the money. With improved speed, higher quality parts, and longer battery life, gaming laptops can be a great replacement for regular ones.

Although regular laptops usually have all the necessary features, it would never hurt to upgrade them for better performance.