Robotics The Future is Here

What comes to your mind when you come across the word ‘ROBOT’? If you think they are only the thing of space movies and science fiction novels, then think again. Robots are the best growing technological device in the world. Ranging from space exploration to entertainment , a robot’s performance is commendable.

The robot industry is growing very fast, providing us with various new technologies that can assist with household work,medical work,industrial work, space exploration and many other tasks. Robotic technology has brought a lot of changes around us and is continuing to impact the way we are living in this world. Robotics technology has transformed a lot since the past to the present scenario. It surrounds almost everyone in today’s world and affects both work and leisure activities.

Robotics was a sub-branch of mechanical, electrical and computer science engineering. But now with increasing demand for artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation. Robotics and automation has introduced itself as a branch of engineering.
Robotics deals with the design,construction, operation and application of robots and computer systems and their control and processing.

Robotic technology is becoming one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Some of the leading robotics companies are ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Yaskawa.Robots are versatile, they can perform many functions.They are multifunctional in today’s society.

Some of the projects that became famous all over the globe are the curiosity rover,sophia the human robo, DJI Mavic and Phantom,Robonaut-R2 and R5.The use of robotic technology has made a deep influence on the world in several ways. As technological advances continue, research design and building new robots serve various practical purposes, whether domestic, commercial, military or space.

Incredibly human race have made robots that can replace humans from working in hazardous conditions like defusing bombs, mining and exploring shipwrecks.Robots are very beneficial to human race. They are efficient, take less time to complete a task,save a lot of money and provide accurate and precise work.There are various industry segments which are making use of robotics to improve their production capabilities.

The craze of robots has spread so much that so many movies and series are also based on its theme. Some popular movies include Star Wars, Robocop, Ra one, Transformers etc.
The increasing popularity of robotics has resulted in the formation of the Robotics Society of India (RSI). It is an academie society founded on 10th July, 2011, which aims at promoting Indian robotics and automation activities.

We all know every coin has two sides, robotics too has a flip side to it. The largest barrier in the development of robots has been the expensive hardware such as sensors, motors etc. Nowadays micro and nano technologies are also used that are exorbitant. Customizing and updating such complex technologies is also an added problem.

With each passing day new advancements in technologies are taking place, a new product launch could possibly be a problem for the people already in the game. Robots cut down labor charges, thus reducing an enormous amount of opportunities of employment for many workers. In several developed countries, scientists are making robotic military forces that can prove dangerous to others in future. As the power and potential of computers will keep expanding, revolution will be created in the field of robotics technology. Imagination is coupled with technology. It would not be wrong to say that in the near future there will be a time when robots will become smarter than the human race and robots might rule over the human race.



Loneliness is a risk factor associated with adolescents being drawn into compulsive internet use. The risk of compulsive use has grown in the corona virus pandemic , loneliness has become increasingly prevalent among adolescents, who spend longer and longer periods of time online.

A study investigating detrimental internet use by adolescents involved a total of 1,750 Finnish study subjects , who were studied at three points in time at 16, 17 and 18 years of age. The results have been published in the “Child Development ” journal.

Adolescents net use is a two-edged sword; while the consequences of moderate use are positive , the effects of compulsive use can be detrimental. Compulsive use denotes , among other things , gaming addiction or the constant monitoring of likes on social media and comparisons to others.

In the corona virus period , loneliness has increased markedly among adolescents . They look for a sense of belonging from the internet. Lonely adolescents head to the internet and are risk of becoming addicted . Internet addiction can further aggravate their malaise, such as depression“, says Professor of Education and Study Lead Katariina Salmela-Aro from the University of Helsinki.


The risk of being drawn into problematic internet use was at its highest among 16 year-old adolescents, with the phenomenon being more common among boys. For some, the problem persists into adulthood , but for others it eases up as they grow older. The reduction of problematic internet use is often associated with adolescent development where their self-regulation and control improve, their brains adapt and assignments related to education direct their attention.

“It’s comforting to know that problematic internet use is adaptive and often changes in late adolescence and during the transition to adulthood . Consequently, attention should be paid to the matter both in school and at home . Addressing loneliness too serves as a significant channel for preventing excessive internet use. If parents are not very interested in the lives of their adolescents, the latter may have difficulty drawing the lines for their actions.


In the study participants , compulsive internet use had a link to depression. Depression predicted problematic internet use , while problematic use further increased depressive symptoms.

Additionally, problematic use was predictive of poorer academic success which may be associated with the fact that internet use consumes a great deal of time and can disrupt adolescents sleep rhythm and recovery, consequently eating up the time available for academic effort and performance.

Parents should take care of their children and continuously monitor their activities . They are the future of our country. Make them involve in social activities and to understand their social responsibilities . Encourage them to work creatively and usefully. Loneliness and depression are the illusion created in their minds thinking that they are unnoticed by everyone around them. It actually occurs in everyone’s teenage . We just diverted ourselves by moving out , exploring new places and gaining knowledge. But in this pandemic situation they are compelled to spend their whole time in their room. We should save the youngsters from this disease of depression than from corona virus.


Materials provided by University of Helsinki. Original written by Katariina Salmela- Aro , Suvi Uotinen.