Decoding Indian ways of Eating

Food is a very complex subject to understand. The world is experimenting new types of food, new recipes, new combination and new styles of consuming it to make it more aesthetically beautiful. But they are breaking the age-old science of healthy eating.

How we eat is equally important to what we eat. Our ancestors have passed on to us the right recipes, the right way to eat, and the right way to make it. We should start acknowledging the science and it’s significance. Food depends many variables:-

  • Season
  • Geography
  • Local availability
  • Attitude
  • Body type

Right Medium of Food Consumption

1. Eating with hands

People are getting used to eating with spoons and they consider eating with hands as unhygienic and unpleasant. According to Ayurveda, eating food should involve all senses. The touch of food to your fingers and feeling the texture can really trigger the nerve endings of your fingers which are connected to your digestion. These nerves stimulations are know to activate and stimulate your digestive juices. Also according to Ayurveda the five fingers represent the five elements:-

  • Thumb represents Fire (agni)
  • Index finger represents Air (wayu)
  • Middle finger represents Sky (Akash)
  • Ring finger represents Earth (Prithvi)
  • Little finger represents Water (jal)

Holding food with all five finger symbolises the union of all elements, which are essential for the normal functioning of our body.

2. Sitting on the floor

In India, sitting on the floor and eating is a family activity. It involves many muscles, the sitting position presses our lower spine and relaxes the whole body. The back and forth movement while eating gives a nice compression to your abdomen. Compression is maximum in sitting position and this also stimulates the digestive juices. It also has an effect on your mind. When the individual sits on the floor, the nervous systems performances better and transmission of signals happens very effectively. As a result sitting on the floor and eating has a huge weight reduction advantage.

Sitting on chair brings more pressure on your heart. When you’re sitting on chair your heart has to pump blood from toe to upwards against gravity and that is a strain. If you sit on a chair with folded legs that will reduce the gravity force that would help your heart and general health conditions so that more blood will be facilitated for digestion.

3. Food containing vessels

Vessels have an important effect on food, it can be positive as well as negative. In Indian tradition, every vessel has its own advantage in cooking or storing food.

For example, copper as has a strong intoxication property over water. That’s why copper vessels was used to store water in India. Another example, Ghee, if stored in a bronze vessel can become toxic. That is why ghee is stored in a metal vessel like steel.

In old times, food used to be kept in the leaves covered with leaves and it always remains healthy. Stones which were used for crushing, grinding is said to be more superior than done in mixers. So make sure to put right food in the right container.

Even the healthiest of food can become toxic if not consumed in right way. The ways of eating food is always been highlighted in all the cultures because it is the cultural identity of every community. Indian have always tried to introduce every healthy aspects into the food. So let’s follow these food habits and acknowledge deep science in the ancestral way of eating. We should not forget the valuable lessons which are passed down to us and understand that food once consumed can become medicine or junk. Your way of consuming it will decide what it will turn to – healthy or junk. So eat food in a right way, the Indian way.

Indian traditional food😋

The india is the famous for various types of festivals various cultures, dresses. nature, historical places etc. and the most famous of different types of foods. The Indian food is the rest of the world not just only in test but also some cooking methods. Throughout in India be it North India, south India spices are used generously in food. In the kashmir, is mostly dishes are prepared by the main course of rice founded abundantly in the beautiful. Delicious item cooked is the saag. That is prepared with a green by leafy vegetables known as the HAk,

East Indian Food –

East Indian Recipes

The bengali and Assamese style of cooking are noticeable. The staple food of the Bengalis food is yummy combination of rice and fish. Usually the Bengali love eating varieties of fishes. A special way of way of preparing the delicacy known as Hilsa, is by the pumpkin leaf and then cooking it. Another unusual ingredient that is commonly used int the bengali cooking of the Bamboo shoot. Vrous sweets prepared in the region by using including the Roshgollas, Sandesh, Cham-Cham other than more type of foods.

In the state like Maharashtra, the food is a usually mix of both north as well as the south cooking style here some people use both of rice and wheat with same intrest. along coastline of Mumbai is a wide variety of a fishes are available. Some of the delicious preparation include like the Bombay prawn and Pomfret.

GOA Food –

All You Need to Know About Goan Cuisine

In the Goa is further down towards south, one can notice Portuguese influence in the cooking style as well as in the dishes are some of the major dishes of this region are the sweet and sour Vindaloo, duck Baffad, sorpotel and egg molie etc.


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The south Indian state make great use of spices, like some fishes and coconuts, as most of them have a coastal kitchen.In food of Tamil Nadu use of tamarind is frequency made in order to important sourness to the dishes.


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In Kerala their are have some delicious food of the dishes are appams, Malabar fried Prawans, Idlis, Dosas, Fish and rice puttu. Another famous item of the region is the sweetened coconut milk. Yet another dish puttu, which is the rice power steam like in a pudding a bamboo shoot.


Traditional Gujarati Food & Cuisine

The Gujarat Thali is main contain dish of in here food. And the main dishes are include variety of dal, Kadhi, two to three vegetable preparation, salad savories, Puriyan and rice, chutney, sweet, pickles and papad buttermilk and etc. Gujarat Thali makes a balanced diet for everyone.


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The maharashtra most world famous of pav-bhaji is to delicious as well another one is Poha, Maharashtra has a lot of offers to food lovers. Cuisine can be broadly classified into two styles of kokan and Varadi. The Kokan being from the coastal region has from Goan, Saraswat, Gaud and Malvani region. Vardi cuisine, on other hand belong to some Vidarbha region. Some spiece like Goda Masala, Kokum, Tamarind and coconut are essential ingredient in the kitchen. and their are spice level differ in different part of the state.


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The Kashmir is most world famous nature is too beautiful the Kashmir is called as the “Jannat” and here’s dish was too delicious. The Kashmir food is varied and vibrant. Here are the names of Kashmiri food dishes that is introduce to you the Zaika-e-Kashmir. So do try the popular food of Kashmir on vacation of most which is the foods are Roghan Rosh, Modur Pulao, Dum Olav, Yakhni lamb curry, Goshtaba, Kavha, Shab Deg,Aab Ghosh, Momos, Butter tea.