7 Types of People you should surround yourself with

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The people that we are close to – the ones that we confide in about almost everything and care about, play a vital role in our lives. Friends are our chosen family. We may not realise but they shape our personality and have the ability to change our whole outlook on life. We become similar to them as time passes by and they influence us in ways no one else can. They literally grow on us. It is also well-known that bad company can destroy a person so picking our friends wisely becomes even more critical. 

Here’s a list of 7 types of people you should be with regardless of whether you are at school, university or work:

  1. Dreamers

People who are ambitious and passionate and want to reach at some place or accomplish something in life. These people don’t see any limits to what they can achieve and their goals motivate them so much that whatever they do in life, they always have the big picture in the back of their head. Their dreams and goals might seem unreal but to them nothing is impossible.

  1. Doers

Not only do these people have goals and things to accomplish but they have deliberately calculated each step that they need to take in order to reach the high ground. They will do whatever it takes while also keeping a track of their progress. The milestones that they make for themselves, mean a lot to them and when they surely celebrate the small victories.

  1. Realists

The people are practical and grounded to reality. They openly criticize and argue if something or some idea seems to deviate from what is possible. They are very analytical and try to determine the pros and cons of the idea that is presented to them. They keep the people around them grounded as well and keep giving them reality checks.

  1. Hard workers

People who are persistent with their efforts and don’t feel overworked too quickly. When you look at them, you see an energetic and self-driven individual who could even be working restlessly to complete the task at hand. Just watching them makes you introspect and question what you are doing with life and makes you want to be like them.

  1. Listeners

People who are capable of listening to stories and rants and even empathise with the one who tells them. Not everyone is a good listener because most people listen to respond. A good listener listens to understand the other person and they do it with interest and not by forcing themselves to hear the other person out. 

  1. Optimists

Positivity radiates from this type of people and they make the people around them look at the positive side of every situation. They create a feeling of hopefulness even in situations that have the potential to break a person down. Going to an optimistic friend in difficult times will definitely help in raising your spirit.

  1. Problem solvers

Some people are born to solve problems and overcome obstacles that come in their way. Their thinking power is higher and when they hear about the problem, their mind generates ways in which the problem can be solved. Being a problem solver is very advantageous as you always have your way around and nothing can stop you.