Feeling Alone Vs. Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely and feeling alone are two totally different things. Triggered by the absence of companionship, loneliness causes a level of isolation that can damage your mental health and well-being. As an introvert, I get my energy from being alone. I prefer to have a balance between solitude and social connectedness. I give my mind the space, it needs. Sometimes, introverts are cornered in a social gathering, and that feeling can lead one down an emotionally painful road followed by a trail of traumatic experiences. The effects of loneliness can make it harder for an introvert to establish connections and close relationships with others. In times when we (introverts) feel vulnerable, it may seem as if there’s no one we can reach out to, that no one is trustworthy. Growing up as the only child of my parents, I experienced loneliness from a very tender age. I didn’t have siblings to fight with. I kept my emotions confined to myself. Making friends was never an issue for me, but it took me years to master the art of communication and conflict resolution. Relationships are less likely to last when there’s a lack of these two things, and I learned this the hard way. Long-term loneliness is the danger zone you don’t want to reach, as it poses a much higher health risk. As humans, we are social by nature. We weren’t wired or created to live life alone. That’s why we crave for social interactions and connectivity when there’s lack of it in our personal lives.

How To Curb Loneliness Amid The Crisis Phase?

Stay Connected And Plugged In

As we endure this crisis, we must stay connected to others while we are striving hard to cope with the changing environment. Technology makes it easier to stay in touch with people without physically being present. Family, friends, and loved ones are always just a phone call away — unless you live with them already.

Attend virtual social gatherings

Since we can’t go out and meet new people offline, why not get crafty with the way you meet them online? Along with the internet comes the benefit of online community. There are tons of communities for pretty much every walk of life. Many are available to the public for free.

Talk It Out With A Mental Health Expert

There’s a lot that therapy can do for your mental health. For one, a professional therapist can equip you with the tools you need to cope more effectively with loneliness.