Jobs of the Future

What could help wanted ads look like in two, five, ten years from now? And why is it that you should care? As the world evolves, so do the patterns in employment and job characterizations. Formulating your career is important so that your job will still be in demand in a few years.

Jobs of the future: Three roles you could be doing in 2040 - Verdict

Career # 1: Healthcare

According to recent data from the Labour Department, an aging population will place more requirement from healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, home health care aids, and other healthcare professionals. The same data indicates that this sector will have 4 million jobs added in 2018.

Training and skills in healthcare:

Workers in health care will love interacting with patients and having an aptitude for science and maths. Less-skilled and less-paid workers, such as aid workers, may require as little as a certification course, depending on the state in which they live and work, while physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists require specialized schooling after graduation. Those who wish to enter this field should start preparing early by taking Pre-med, Biology, and Science college courses.

Career # 2: Information Technology

Think of all the emerging technologies that we didn’t have a few decades ago, a decade ago, a couple of years ago. Computers and smartphones revolutionized the way we interact and conduct business. And they will carry on doing so. When more technology evolves, IT experts including engineers, network personnel and managers will be in high demand.

Training and know-how in information technology:

Analytical thinking should be embraced by whoever is in this area but should still be inventive problem solvers. As this career becomes more essential, more institutions of higher learning respond by offering courses and majors in areas such as computer networking and cyber security, applied computer science, and informatics and innovation. Because this field is rapidly improving, those who want to ensure the best positions should keep pace with those changes by looking for and participating in leading edge classes, continuing education and certification.

Career 3: Alternative energy

Do not wave farewell to oil and gas yet, but renewable energy like wind power, hydroelectric power, geothermal power, and solar power will generate thousands of new jobs, from technicians and plant managers to physicists, engineers, and even sales and marketing practitioners, as those technologies become more mainstream.

Education and skills for alternative energy:

Those with scientific minds who enjoy experiments and care about the future of the earth are excellent candidates for a renewable energy career.

Colleges and universities are offering associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees and even MBAs in clean power as this field becomes more popular.

Career # 4: International law

As the integration of global business and trade grows, institutions will be looking for individuals who would have the education, experience, and skill set to explore areas like international law, tax rules, work and environmental regulations, and even ethics.

Education and know-how in international law:

Individuals seeking to profit from this phenomenon would require a law degree with a emphasis on international law. It will also help to achieve excellent communication skills, as well as knowledge and/or fluency in one or more languages.

Individuals who pursue this route will always be able to stay in many foreign countries over the course of their lives, because that would be a potential phenomenon.