Media propaganda

“A rumour is a social cancer: it is difficult to contain and it rots the brains of the masses. However, the real danger is that so many people find rumours enjoyable. That part causes the infection. And in such cases when a rumour is only partially made of truth, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the information may have gone wrong. It is passed on and on until some brave soul questions its validity; that brave soul refuses to bite the apple and let the apple eat him. Forced to start from scratch for the sake of purity and truth, that brave soul, figuratively speaking, fully amputates the information in order to protect his personal judgment. In other words, his ignorance is to be valued more than the lie believed to be true.”
― Criss Jami, Killosophy

Propaganda is a common thing occurring in today’s media. Propaganda is used in order to promote or publicize a point so that in can reach millions and millions of people through media. The main objective of propaganda is to provide false information and thereby manipulate the audience into believing something different from the reality. Propaganda in media commonly occurs in several different flavours.

One of the most popular forms of propaganda is known as bandwagon. It is the power of persuading the customer by showing them what others are doing. This type of propaganda sort of sets an attribution to performing a particular activity to be enjoyable or common to others, making others inadvertently do the same. This kind of manipulation is often done in advertisements for example when people are shown to enjoy a particular kind of chocolate, the viewers of that advertisement tend to buy the same the following day at the supermarket.
“The President in particular is very much a figurehead — he wields no real power whatsoever. He is apparently chosen by the government, but the qualities he is required to display are not those of leadership but those of finely judged outrage. For this reason the President is always a controversial choice, always an infuriating but fascinating character. His job is not to wield power but to draw attention away from it. On those criteria Zaphod Beeblebrox is one of the most successful Presidents the Galaxy has ever had — he has already spent two of his ten presidential years in prison for fraud.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
There exist several benefits to propaganda in any subject. One of the core benefits as well as objectives of spreading propaganda is the ability to control the response of people in a particular situation. It is also thought of to be a kind of sublte brainwashing done to people in order to make them believe that they are acting upon their own free will, while they dictate what they should do from behind. Such propaganda in media can manipulate the views of millions of the viewing audience and thus can impact the lives of several negatively. In modern times, the Government has limited the use of propaganda in certain advertisements in order to protect the views of the public. They have imposed a limit upon the amount of propaganda allowed to be used in different kinds of advertisement, marking how much may prove to have a bad impact on people’s views. Such has not occurred in media, and thus, even today, much of the information which we receive from media continue to offer to us biased views. People should work to bring about a change and also be wary of such kinds of practises.