Is ‘SOCIAL’ Media turning people ‘ANTI-SOCIAL’?

Social Media! One of the most happening things in people’s life these days. It was originally invented for people to connect, communicate and stay close to their loved ones but these days it has been used by people for the following main purposes: Learning, Interacting, Marketing, and Sharing.

Many of the young influencers have started using it as a means of earning. Companies are making huge amount out of Digital Marketing. Whether social media is good or bad has been a popular debate among both the old and new groups of people. Where some people find it comfortable to open up to some random person on social platforms, the vulnerable sides of these platforms aren’t hidden either. For one person social media can be a lifesaver whereas for the other person it can be just a video, a picture or even a heinous comment to conclude his career.

When on one hand it has made communication and connecting with people easy on the other hand it is also been accused of making people anti-social. Yes, you read that right. ‘SOCIAL’ Media accused of making people ‘ANTI-SOCIAL’; Irony! isn’t it? But what is more ironic is the fact of this being true. 

Our lives depend on these platforms even for the slightest of information. These has been proving itself like an escape from reality; if you don’t want to talk to someone in front of you, then put your heads down into your phone. Regardless of how useful these platforms may be many studies have shown that due to the virtual life people have started losing their confidence to engage with a present life situation. They have discovered a new way of dealing: by posting their experiences on various apps. 

Today not having access to internet is bigger issue to some than not having a dream for oneself. Imagining a situation where we can’t track our social accounts is worse than a nightmare. This has even led to a discovery of many mental disorders and the most interesting one for millennials is the FOMO. Those unknown to this acronym, it means Fear Of Missing Out. At present FOMO is more dangerous than depression!

 But for once let’s consider WHAT IF LIKE THE OTHER STORES IN MARKET, SOCIAL MEDIA TOO SHUTS DOWN AT 6 P.M? What will our life be like in the last quarter of the day? Will people start connecting again at the night parties again or will their FOMO dig into them?

If we take out the pros of this situation, we can list them as follows:

  • More people will show up at the parties and families will be spending more time at the dinner table in the absence of cell phones.
  • People will start discussing real problems with real people.  
  • What people are looking for in the world of social media may find it near them.
  • People may start spending time with their loved ones.
  • The hidden artist of the people will find the time to come out and hence allowing creative juices from the blocked canals of the brain to flow.
  • Out of the extra time, people may start taking care of their bodies more.
  • Even for a brief moment people will start paying attention to their own lives.

Aren’t these different therapies used by psychiatrists?

But this is all just an imagination and one thing which is not, is the need of improvement in living we all need. There is a fake world people have created around them. But we must understand that its not the Likes and comments that are important but the mental peace; which almost every other individual is lacking.  We shall conclude this post with words of a famous German diarist :

“The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hand”

Anne Frank.