Lockdown-Right or Wrong?
We are facing the difficult times of our history.We are fighting with an enemy who is too powerful and the secret of its death is not revealed till now.Corona is that powerful enemy we are fighting with.It is attacking our life too badly and we are too much afraid with its power.We have no idea how to deal with it-how to protect ourselves,our family,our friends,our nation.Our government is trying too protect us from this killer-virus.Some vaccines are also produced by the scientists.But that is not sufficient to protect our lives as the vaccines can reduce the effect of the corona virus but can not fully kill it.We need some other weapons to fight with this enemy(corona).And we know the virus is spreading from persons to persons.Multiple corona cases chains are being made everyday.The healthy persons are becoming unhealthy by getting in contact with the infected persons.So it clearly indicates that the virus is spreading from one being to another.And if we really want to stop this then we have to break these corona chains to make our people safe.So we have a weapon named as LOCKDOWN to fight with this enemy named corona.Lockdown is a situation where unnecessary activities are being stopped and the risk of virus spreading is controlled.Only necessary activities are being allowed in a particular place.
But what do you think-Lockdown is right or wrong?
Different people have different needs.

Advantages :

  1. Lockdown Ensures Public Health Safety
    Public Health Emergency is why the government enforces a lockdown. This scenario is the preliminary phase of a Medical emergency that halts the movement of viral infections by ceasing movements of humans.

A person is allowed to go out of the home for essential needs only. A lockdown is put to effect when a country has not adequate antidote or cure to curb the impact of a pandemic.

  1. Controlling Pollution
    Blatant to eyes, during a lockdown people tend to minimize using their vehicles and automobiles including public transport. Industrial activities are also restricted during the lockdown phase, which also results in minimal emission of pollutants into water bodies and atmosphere.

Venice, Italy can be taken as the ideal outcome of lockdown. After declaring a lockdown after the COVID-19 outbreak, the fall in number of tourists turned out to be vital for the canals of Venice.

  1. Balancing the Ecosystem
    Being progressive and dynamic is what humans need to survive on earth. But, sometimes we also forget that nature treats every creature the same. Where lockdown seems quite disturbing to the humankind, it is turning out to be environment-friendly.

A clean and fresh atmosphere is what springs wildlife and brings balance to the ecosystem ultimately. With stopping the combustion of resources and fuels, animals get the benefit of lockdown entirely. Lockdown is a restorative process for many species that are extinct at the moment.

  1. Encouraging Healthy Lifestyle
    Sounds rhetoric, but that sometimes a strict and disciplined lifestyle is what can be beneficial during a lockdown. Staying indoors means, you can capitalize on your time and money on your health and the things that surround you. Access to food and healthcare items means you cannot access liquor or smokes even though you have an extreme urge or craving for such.

For chain smokers and alcoholics, Lockdown seems a lifetime opportunity to stay bid goodbye to unhealthy practices. Also, you can draw yourself to good habits and utilize the creative side of your brain investing your time in healthy exercises and activities.

  1. Staying Indoors Means Family Time
    For the people with busy and hectic work life, Lockdown narrows all the possibility of missing out on your memorable moments with family. Limited and restricted contacts lead you to stay close to your loved ones which can’t ever be possible while you are occupied at the workplace.

You tend to learn to share some quality time with your family and staying together at the worst of times. As the saying goes, “Bad Times Brings us Closer.”


  1. Unemployment Crisis :Becoming the world’s first country, India had enforced an experimental lockdown for 21 days. This 21-day lockdown has put India on the verge of an economic crisis. With no further reports or orders on how long this lockdown might get extended, people with no job security (daily wagers) dreaded job loss due to this emergency.

Even though many governments assure to supply unessential workers to guard their life with benefits, not all the affected people are able to entertain the benefits. Around 3.3 million people alone in the USA had applied for unemployment claims endangered by the pandemic fearing a job loss.

2.Disturbance in System Machinery
From manufacturing to R&D sectors, from Blue-collar to White-collar employees, the work machinery gets into total disarray. One of the most concerning and noticeable downsides of lockdown situations is its impact on the education system. The pandemic strikes the developed and the developing nations equally.

With nations relying on digital modes of education, the education system may still be in order. But the businesses are severely impacted. While with developing nations, the situation is exactly upside down.

3.Displacement of Daily Wagers
Bringing an entire country to Lockdown can result in massive exodus even if the citizens are not allowed to do so. Heading back to New Delhi (India) where blue-collar employees had no employment benefits like US-Citizens with no job security.

With a population of more than 1.3 billion, the Indian government had gambled with many lives. On the fourth day of lockdown, many migrant laborers stranded in New Delhi had to flee the Capital City due to lack of shelter, food, money and imposed restrictions due to public health emergencies.

4.Black Marketing and Food Shortage
With limited time to buy food and other essential supplies, people tend to buy more items than usual and stockpile. Many consumers are left empty-handed since the supply of commodities during a lockdown gets shortened by many reasons.

Where some people stockpile the commodities, some may panic due to a shortage of supplies. This situation may lead to price-hike and also shortage. Black Marketing is one of the dreadful drawbacks of lockdown, where people have to spend more to fulfill their basic needs.