Hi, I’m Mohana Bhattacharjee,

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Who loves creative writings and reading fictional novels.

Feminist in public

“There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender…”-Judith Butler

                         Sometimes, we get lost but come back to the mainstream of life by our own willpower. In keeping pace with the society, both men and women have taken part in equal struggle. Women are moving forward in tandem with men in various fields of action.

  In literature, women are triumphing from all aspects of philosophy in the ideals of art. Women are ahead in all aspects of ideal everywhere. We women are pioneers in the struggle for existence. From primitive times until this time of 21st century, we have been deprived of our freedom.We have somehow mastered the lesson of not losing. We have won the losing battle on emphatic will. We are moving forward vigorously.

The seeds of this very long battle of identity were sown by our elder fighters; as a result we are plantings the trees of that fight. We were warriors, we are warriors, and we will be warriors for life. Together we shall blast this battle of identity and existence.