Helath care availability issues

The robust transformation of India’s Public Healthcare System witnessed in the past few decades has not only been progressive but also an example for the developing economies of the world. The healthcare system in India can be divided into two parts viz urban and rural areas and both have a significant differential gap in terms of treatment, not because of uncommon diseases but due to lack of adequate infrastructure and health experts, besides several other challenges in the system. However, the objective in this article is to bring out the challenges which the public and private healthcare systems are currently confronting with.

Fund Allocation & Inadequate Infra

The gap in fund management by the administrations should be understood and be balanced. Not enough funds are allocated for public healthcare in India and the inequality in urban and rural facilities is well known. Due to the lack of modern quality healthcare in the public sector, generally, people prefer private healthcare which is not affordable for most of the rural population due to lower-income and lack of basic insurance policy. Private healthcare in India is a premium and expensive affair for a large section of society. Notably expensive medical device is procured but basic infra is missing in public healthcare system.