Generation gap

A generation gap is a difference in values and attitudes between one generation and another, especially between young people and their parents. These differences stem from the fact that older and younger people do not understand each other because of the differences in the experiences, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

Technical skills are important as well. How technology has an impact on the generation of the gap depends on how many older people are able to learn and use new technologies. This book is, as usual, was written by Millennials, for the younger generation, many of the older people it can get away with it if things move too fast.

The difference in age between parents and their children, and that they have experienced in their most vulnerable years, in a variety of different cultures. Adolescence is often a time when people will be most influenced by the society around them, and this is because our world is going to evolve and change, things rarely stay the same, will lead to a generational gap between parents and their children.

Here are some of the reasons for the gap between the parents and the children:

1. Lack Of Understanding
Sometimes, it seems that the different generations speak different languages. Due to the changes in the society, as parents and grew up to be what happens when one of their children all the time, even how they think and what they would tend to be different.

2. Mistakes Are Rarely Made,
The parents often don’t make mistakes, and tend to punish their children. Children need to make mistakes in order to learn and to grow in their lives, but if they’re only being punished, it will increase the gap and creates a lack of communication.

Parents often dream about their children, and most of the time, they have a tendency to force them to do so, not taking into account the child’s wishes.

4. To A Lot Of Equations
To compare children with each other, or even, what they were like as children, and it is another reason for the division is great. This often causes them to lose confidence in himself, and destroy the enthusiasm she had before.

5. Not Enough Interaction
Because of the responsibilities of an adult, and the stress of the job, as parents, are often too tired to spend a lot of time with their children every day. This leads to a lack of communication and interaction, making the gap between the generations. How To Bridge The Generation Gap Between Parents And Their Children.


To bridge the gap between generations
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