Sex education

Sex education has positive effects, including an increase in younger people, and for the improvement of their attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health and behavior. Sex education inside and outside of the schools, an increase in sexual activity, risky sexual behavior, or STI/HIV infection rates.

Why do I need a technical consultation on sexual health education?

The country is increasingly recognizing the importance of young people’s behavior, knowledge, and skills that will enable them to make the right choices in life. CSE supports the empowerment of young people by enhancing their analytical and communication skills for the health and well-being in relation to sexuality, the human rights, values, and healthy, and valuable relationships, culture, and social norms, gender equality, non-discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, consent, and sexual violence, and harmful practices.

What’s new in the revised Statements?

The original one and international guidelines, published in 2009, has been placed on sexual education in the first place, as a part of the fight against HIV / aids. However, while HIV remains a vital, evidence, and practice to show that sex education is more of a general interest to other problems, and not just for the sexual and reproductive health of young people, but also for the general well-being and personal development.

Modified the christian Guide to a positive approach, in view of the fact that the CSE is about more than just education on the subject of reproduction, threats, and other diseases. It is a confirmation of the position of the sexual health education in the context of human rights, and gender equality. It is also a reflection on the contribution of sexual health education, the implementation of a number of international agreements in the field of sexual and reproductive health, as well as for the implementation of the objectives and goals of the 2030 Agenda. in the realm of health and well-being, and quality of inclusive education, gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

the rage of power, violence, character traits, ethics, law, and the evolutionary pressures that some of the explanations for sexual violence, and to give, for example, acts of violence, rape, sexual violence, sexual harassment, etc.).


Therefore, the contract of training is the key to the prevention of gender-based violence. Healthy relationships are important to the topic of sex education. Students will learn positive ways to express intimacy and affection are set out in the personal limits, as well as the development of strategies to prevent or end an unhealthy relationship.