Digital Marketing – A new chapter in the Book of Marketing

With the percentage of internet users growing at an astonishing speed, most businesses are focusing their attention from offline to online marketing strategies along with their marketing spend. Digital marketing is developing at a phenomenal rate globally because of this reason. So if an enterprise is looking to expand in this climate, it needs to develop an online presence by focusing on internet penetration and interaction with users. Digital marketing is a high intensity advertising tool in this new era of digitization, capable of reaching a large audience anywhere and anywhere.

It actually allows a brand to be prevalent in a given context because the internet isn’t geographically bound and constrained. All the traditional advertising rules were tossed out the window and the power structure shaken to the core when the realization dawned on marketers how potent a digital marketing tool would be. The web has transformed the entire advertising and marketing system, to put it succinctly. In India, the digital advertising sector is experiencing a boom like never before. Until the current situation, Internet access was a privilege of sorts, the internet was used mainly by a small percentage of the population.

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But a silent coup began in the form of changing the populace’s lifestyle. The internet went from being such a luxury service enjoyed by a few to a commodity meant for the public all attributable to technological advancements such as smartphones , laptops , tablets, etc. A classic example of this transition is e-commerce growth that has been helped by digital marketing miracles. Today, 35 percent of India’s population is using the internet and this number is expected to increase to 57 percent or more in the coming years. On this fact alone one can say that India’s Golden Age of digital marketing is on the verge of beginning.

The primary objective of any company is to prosper and if it does not expand, at one point it is set to fail. A company needs to further its business and expand market share to grow. In a highly dynamic business environment it simply cannot afford to rely on outdated marketing tools to achieve that goal. That’s where Google has been a resource for companies trying to expand and market themselves online. Google has developed so many valuable marketing resources for consumers that one can’t help but be tempted to go virtual.

Apart from that, most businesses have ventured into social media marketing to get a massive advantage and grow the company as it provides great platforms for creating a product and meeting potential clients. This is the main reason why on popular social media websites such as Pinterest, LinkedIn,  Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, YouTube and other social media networks one gets to see so many renowned businesses. Advertising was once a pretty common thing to understand. The corporation with the highest marketing budget generally prevailed. Therefore they could reach a wider audience they were more likely to attain the progress they wanted. Not quite so now.

The digital revolution had meant free advertising was everywhere for a time. Social networking networks, led by Facebook, brought back the pay-for-play concept. In other words, you’ve got to commit a small budget to reaching people through social media.

That is not necessarily a bad thing though. On the flip side, it means you can start competing as an advertising company based on your skills as opposed to simply spamming lots of posts, which had been the case before.

The digital age has regarded an era where anyone will enter the advertisement dogfight. Okay, those with large budgets still have an edge, but it’s no longer the deciding edge of before. Even the smaller businesses have good reason to play. Over the past few years, digital marketing has seen a massive upswing; every day, social media and search engines receive billions of messages. However, the aggressive complexity of online advertisement leads to a substantial decline in advertisement campaigns’ ROI. The through efficacy of obsolete tactics has paved the way for cutting-edge marketing innovations such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual.

As of now, digital marketing is growing and in the future it will only get better with steady technological advancements. There are only few instances of augmented reality being introduced digitally and the possibilities are likely to become endless with machine learning slowly making its way to the forefront of the digital world.And to end up making the most of that, businesses around the world should be prepared to keep up with changing conditions. If they want to establish a brighter future for themselves they must be ready and able to constantly upgrade. Exhilarating times are coming and for all those associated with digital marketing this will be a great ride.