How does education impact the poor?

Education is the best investment one can ever make in life. For a developing nation like India, every child should receive a quality education. It can not only change the health and livelihood of people, but also contribute to long term economic growth and social stability.

However, despite great progress in last few years, lakhs of children are still denied education. The lack of education is a big reason that transmits poverty from generation to generation. The society still doesn’t realize that right to education is a vital human right granted to every citizen.

Although it is true that not every individual without an education is living in extreme poverty, but most of the poor lack education. The ones living below poverty line keep their children out of school, which means their children will also have a greater chance to live in poverty.

Education is considered as a great equalizer which can open door to jobs, skills and resources that a family needs to thrive and survive. Access to good quality education and supporting child well being has been recognized as a solution to poverty. Not just this, it helps the communities to solve other issues that keeps them vulnerable. Not just this, it helps these communities to solve other issues as well that can keep them vulnerable.

Education is directly related to may solutions in terms of poverty, like:

  • Reduce income inequality
  • Economic growth
  • Reduce infant and maternal deaths
  • Reduce vulnerability to HIV & AIDS
  • Reduce stunting
  • Reduce violence at home and society

According to UNESCO, if all children in low-income nation just get basic reading skills, an estimated 171 million people could come out of poverty. And if all adults receive secondary education, the global poverty could be cut by more than half.

Children are the future of any nation.The children who receive quality education are empowered to grow into mature and skilled adults who are capable of picking employment. Education is the key under which several issues related to health, unemployment, population control and human rights can be solved.

Educated individuals are more likely to escape all troubles of life like ecconomic and social despair. On a larger scale, the rewards of individuals getting education also flow into the society, motivating other, thus can have an impact on the entire country. An educated country always flourishes and always progress far better as they can achieve better healthcare and economic independence. It will make people more independent.

There are many solutions to improve the situation between poverty and education.  Teachers should be provided incentives for teaching in low-income zones. Better resources and funding should be provided in school for poor.

All this sums up enabling communities to come out from the state of poverty.