“Post – Covid Hair Fall”

We all know the famous quote, “ LET YOUR HAIR DO THE TALKING!” But, this coronavirus has not only destroyed our families and health but also destroyed our hair too! Hair being the superpower of all the girls has now become the major problem of our daily lives nowadays. Many people who have recovered from COVID-19 have experienced massive hair fall since then. Post- Covid hair fall has become a major problem for most of the people out there, and each one of them is experiencing a major hair loss. Bald patches are being noticed in most people’s heads. According to the medical experts, hair loss has been a significant post Covid-19 complication reported by numerous people. Post- Covid hair fall is legit. Covid has taken many people’s lives , and has destroyed many families, which has already worsened the mental health of the people, and having more and more stress leads to more and more hair fall. Problems like shortness of breath, fatigue, dry skin, allergies, and weakness are some of the prominent problems that most of the people are facing in their lives but major hair loss problems are also being reported by the people. Dr Stuti Khare Shukla, MD dermatologist, says that it is extremely common to face hair fall issues after Covid. “In fact, 70 to 80 percent of patients will definitely face the issue after they have been infected. Usually, it takes 2-4 months to settle, and this type of hair fall is called ‘ ‘telogen effluvium’ ” Covid causes a lot of acute stress, which leads to significant hair loss. Usually, our hair cycle has various phases and when our body undergoes some stress mechanism, our hair ends up in the resting stage and eventually after 2 to 3 months, it starts shedding off. This is the mechanism of telogen effluvium, and patients can suffer up to 4 months of hair loss. Since everyone is experiencing this hair loss, this is completely normal. Through some home remedies & precautions you can get your hair back!


Nutritional Deficiencies

Since nutrients play a very prominent role in our lives to be healthy and strong. Nutritional deficiencies can cause various problems and one of them is hair loss. So, it could be possible that essential nutrients may be missing from your diets resulting in hair loss problems. Iron, copper, zinc and proteins are some of the major nutrients that we need to keep our hair shiny, voluminous and healthy and deficiency of one of these nutrients can cause major problems to our hair. Deficiency of Vitamin D can also cause major hair loss. In order to avoid this, make sure to get some sunlight.

2. Hormonal Imbalances

After the age of 30, women can experience hormonal imbalance which can cause hair loss. This is usually caused by excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion. Even though estrogen is the main hormone that women produce, testosterone and other androgens such as DHEA also occur in the female body. As women reach a certain age, they may begin to convert these androgens to DHT.

3. Egg mask

Eggs are rich in sulphur, phosphorus, selenium, iodine, zinc and protein, which together help promote hair growth.

To prepare the mask:

Separate one egg white in a bowl and add a teaspoon each of olive oil and honey.

Beat to make a paste and apply it all over from root to tips.

After 20 minutes, rinse with a mild shampoo.

4. Coconut Milk

The protein and essential fats in it promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

To prepare the milk:

Grate a medium-sized coconut and simmer it in a pan for five minutes.

Strain and cool.

Then add one tablespoon of each crushed black pepper and fenugreek seeds to the milk.

Apply on your scalp and hair.

After 20 minutes, rinse with a shampoo.

5. Beet root Juice

Beetroot is rich in vitamins C and B6, folate, manganese, betaine and potassium, all of which are essential for healthy hair growth. Besides, it acts as a detoxification agent by helping keep the scalp clean.

Boil 7-8 beetroot leaves and grind along with 5-6 henna leaves.

Apply this paste on your scalp and leave for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

6. Greek Yoghurt and Honey

1. Mix 2 tablespoons of yoghurt with 1 tablespoon of honey and lemon in a bowl.

2. Using a dye brush, apply this paste to the scalp and roots.

3. Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

4. Apply this paste once a week.

To all the people out there, especially girls, try these home remedies at home, and get back your shiny & healthy hair. Say no to STRESS! Try these home remedies and remember to flip your hair and enjoy your life!


“Life without a Father”

The title itself is horrible to even think about. ’Father’- this 6- word letter has a lot of emotions vested in it. Losing a father is something tremendous which happens to the child, no matter what the age is, losing a father breaks you in pieces” It is an indescribable experience, it permanently alters children of any age. Nothing is the same, you start a new life without your well- wisher, it is a whole transformative event for a child. Since we all know that death is inevitable, no one can stop that, but this doesn’t minimize the grief, the pain that a child experiences after losing a parent. The two main persons of our life to whom we call -“ mumma and papa” even thinking about a life without them gives goosebumps. For me, it is something from which I will never move on, I mean, how could I move on? He was the person who made me, who gave me a life, how can I forget him? Daddies & daughters have a very precious bond that nobody can ever replace. I lost him at the age of 20, where he was supposed to guide me, to cheer me up,  to enjoy my earnings, but everything went upside down. That night has taught me everything, for which I wasn’t ready at all. I didn’t even know that I could write down my feelings,  but since I lost him, writing my feelings on a piece of paper has become my go – to best friend. The realisation that I keep getting is that I will not be able to see him or hear his voice for the rest of my life, I will not ever see him or talk to him again” which always breaks me whenever I think of this, this is something dreadful. We are never really ready to lose a loved one no matter how ill they are. They had made our heart, they made us and now there is a hole where they once were and nothing can fill it in or cover it. I am the daughter who lost her father too soon, too much to process. Writing my feelings is my way of missing him, other than I can do nothing,  nobody can ease my pain or can understand through which I’m going, this is something so excruciating, that I am unable to even write. 

Father- the most powerful word connected with millions of sentiments. Nobody can ever replace those laughs, smiles, those secrets between a father and a daughter, it’s something so precious that I wish I could make a montage from my head to see those moments again and cherish them once again. I wish I could relive those moments, to see him once again, to laugh with him, to do every possible thing that I’ve missed. The man behind me is no more, and it breaks me to pieces, and I am left with zero energy to even pick those pieces to make it again. It shatters me whenever I think of those last moments of him taking his last breath beside me. I wish I could take all of his pain….I wish…..


“Internships : A Door To Opportunity”

Internships- really being a door to opportunity for so many of us, being the only source for the growing students to learn something new & to explore different work fields in this leisure. Internships are the proven way to gain some knowledge, interest & maintaining a healthy connection with the work fields. This lockdown has taught us the meaning of internship, and to work as an intern in a firm. Since online studies are going on, doing an internship in this leisure is a perfect & productive way to utilise your free time! Internships not only enhance our skills, but also makes us confident, independent and self reliable. Since, adults has nothing to do in this lockdown, internships are way better to do something productive and to invest our time in learning something new. Internship is basically a platform where students puts up their education into practice, and develop relevant personality development and skills as well. For the college going students, internships plays a very important role in their lives. Being indulged in internships not only helps you to know more about the work fields, but also unleashes different side of your personality that you didn’t even know that it existed.


Internships plays a very prominent role in a students life, it provides a real life experience of working for the firms & companies for the fresher students! Freshers, who are new to this world, internships provides a platform for them to learn something new apart from their studies, and to enhance relevant interest in different fields. It is an ideal approach to gain understanding of your chosen Industry and field. Providing a platform to maintain a healthy yet professional connection with the work staff, and to learn & explore that how a firm works. It gives you a significant practical experience of working with the firm and also an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of degree program in real- life situations. Internships, based on hard work & stipend gives an opportunity to the students to showcase their hard work and skills on the respective fields and earn a minimal amount based on their skills and performance. It provides students the value of earning money on the basis of their hard work, and to work as an intern for a company.


  1. Get Industry Experience

The first and foremost factor of doing an internship is that it provides a platform for the students to explore the working of an industry or a company, and gives relevant workshops to learn that how exactly a company works. Fresher students learns how to work in a company by working as an intern so that they can gain experience of various fields they have chosen to work in. It further helps them to work in different fields , and hence built a significant connection with the workspace and the staff. It provides a practical way of learning and working for a company, and to gain an experience of how a company works and gives an opportunity to the students to put up the knowledge they’ve gained till now in real life situations.

2. Boost the value of your CV

There no task harder for a fresher to build a CV when they have literally no experience. No experience mentioned in the CV is a big turn off for most of the companies, why would a company hire you when you don’t have any work experience? The importance of doing an internship not only gives you opportunity to showcase your knowledge in real life situations, but also enhances your personality development and skills that are vested in your personality. You can easily know about the importance of internships when you will list down the accomplishments on a piece of paper, and that piece of paper literally decides your future. Thus, after completing an internship, you must sit down to contemplate over all the things you got to learn and how they can help you professionally as well as personally. As an intern, you will have to chance to take up new tasks and get an edge over your competitors, thus ensuring that your CV gets more than a casual glance from your potential employer.

3. Facilitates Self Growth

Internships not only help you in developing professionalism but also enhance self-growth. You certainly develop various characteristics like integrity, commitment, and self-motivation. Pursuing an internship, you will get to work on a wide range of tasks that will boost your managerial skills, and working in a team, you can polish your interpersonal and communication skills while learning about the importance of teamwork. Furthermore, you additionally get a chance to investigate the different choices that you have without the obligation of a full-time job. You can do different internships in different enterprises and profiles before you make sense of the best field for yourself. 

4. Learn new Abilities and Aptitude

While an undergraduate program gives you the perfect foundation for your professional journey,  internships add to it by giving you a chance to learn new aptitudes. These new abilities include a mix of both complicated and easy aptitudes. With a temporary position, you get the chance to learn new things, be it a software application or any other skill you wanted to explore. Many companies provide interns with the scope to explore working in different departments and find the best one they like working in. Correspondingly, you get the opportunity to improve your abilities by learning interpersonal and communication skills and how to behave in a workspace. 

In short, Internships plays a very prominent role in a students life it polishes our interpersonal and communication skills at its best! and helps us to explore more about the working sector in a very interesting manner. Apart from this, student also got a performance based stipend, solely based on their hard work and the performance they’ve showed while working as an intern. 


“COVID-19 : The Second Wave & The Children”

“COVID-19” the disease, which doesn’t have a full stop, it’s been increasing & increasing since the last 1.5 years. “Covid-19” itself is a disastrous emotion, which has destroyed lakhs of innocent lives and families. India, being the second most populated country has experienced the beyond reproach mortality rate in these 1.5 years, it’s just heartbreaking to see the deterioration of the country in every aspect -economically, socially, the governance, the medical facilities and what not. Lakhs of innocent lives took their last breath due to covid, COVID-19 has taken many innocent lives, whether the person is the age of 24 or 49 or 80, COVID-19 took lives abruptly despite of the age in a very heartbreaking manner one could not have ever imagined. It’s been 1.5 years and till now, the daily cases hasn’t come to an average number, it’s just getting back and forth in the terms of cases per day, there’s no improvement since it all started in India. India being the second – most populated country has imposed so many versions of lockdown which has resulted in the social and economic deterioration at its peak. The “new normal” life with masks is becoming the reason for shortness of breath and innumerable problems for most of the people. It’s something an indescribable phase, that India has ever faced in its history till now.


The wave which has ended so many of families in just a night span. The second wave which has destroyed the future of young children’s and those aged parents who’ve lost all the hopes to even survive a single day. The second wave of covid in India was the most horrifying phase that India has ever imagined, where covid was just sweeping away the lives, and even the whole families in just a couple of minutes, the medical crises and the union and the state government clashes has become the most heart throbbing time for the nation. India has been hit by a huge second wave in terms of social, economic, the governance and in medical aspect. The second wave phase has witnessed for more than 4 lakh cases in just 24 hour period. The second wave was much larger than the first, with the shortages of vaccines, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, injections, medicines, hospitals and every resource that could save a life!? By late April, India was abruptly under a very disheartening crises in terms of economy, lack of governance and medical facilities. People were even dying on the roads, taking their last breath while standing in a queue in a hope that they might get a cylinder or a bed, sitting under the hot & humid atmosphere and trying their level best to not give up while taking oxygen. India was the first ever country to record 4 lakh + cases in a 24 hour- period. Not only the hospitals were flooded with the patients, even the crematoriums were full. The dead bodies were lying on the road, so many of dead bodies were lying outside the crematorium, at the homes and even in the ambulances. The dead bodies were lying on the death bed for even 4 days in the house, where no one was taking the dead body to the crematorium, even no one was touching, not even the son was touching his mother’s or father’s lifeless body” New Delhi, being the heart of India, has faced the tremendous deaths in just a night span in the second wave. Delhi being the only state surrounded by the working of government officials and bodies has faced the most as compared to the other states of India. Delhi was in a horrifying state at that time, even remembering those times in Delhi could give goosebumps to the Delhites.


The word “COVID” is not only a disastrous emotion but also a haunting emotion for most of the children. The children’s, who’ve lost one of their parent, or both of them in just a couple of days or just in a week. Children’s are the ones who are surviving the most, with an uncertain future and are now being termed as orphaned”,who’ve lost their mother and father in this second wave. Most of the children’s are left with no family members. Siblings, of the age 9 and 13 are left with no hopes. Those children’s who’ve lost their families are now in a search of jobs to earn even one time of a meal. Most of the children’s lost their fathers and women’s who’ve lost their husbands in just a blink, left with no hopes at all. Women’s who are left with their only children’s are now looking for jobs to even feed their kid and to earn a livelihood. For the women’s who haven’t done any jobs, who’ve zero knowledge of even stepping out of the house and to earn a single penny are now trying their level best to let their kids study and trying not to give up on their studies. Those children’s and adults who are in the age of learning something new & exploring the world are now finding jobs to survive. Second wave has destroyed families in just one blink. Young adults of the age 24 or 26 died in the second wave , and their aged parents who only had one child, has left with no hopes. Children’s getting orphaned in just a night span is so heartbreaking. Young girls who are willing to do studies and to explore the world, are now getting ready for their marriage in order to survive their lives. Young women at the age of 27 has become a widow with an uncertain future and no hope’s. This wave was a turning point, or you can say a new birth in every individuals life who has lost their young mother, father, siblings, children’s, adults. Homes has become just a building with only 1 person left, photos and videos has become the only way to see the glimpse of the deceased person, and the children’s and adults who had spark in their eyes to learn and explore something new are now just surviving by counting the days one by one and no hopes to move on from this tremendous loss they could ever had.

In a nutshell, COVID-19 has turned lives upside down in just a blink for most of the people who are left with no hopes at all and are just counting their days to end. Hope this pandemic has a full stop. 


“The International Event – OLYMPICS”

The word “olympics” itself is an emotion. The international sports festival which held in every 4 years in about 206 countries of the world. It is the worlds foremost athletic competition among the most promising & commendable citizens of the respective 206 countries. Olympics gives the opportunity to the citizens to showcase their aptitude and ability in every sport despite of any sense of discrimination among them. Olympics gives a friendly nature, a sense of peace and prosperity among the countries. It’s an international level sport which gives justice to each and every citizen to showcase their talent and their earnest nature in the name of their country, showcasing your country on an international level is something beyond reproach, it’s indescribable.

“Olympics Logo”


The five rings represent the five continents of the world that participate in “the fruitful rivalries” Of the Olympics games. The colors – blue, yellow, black, green and red – stand out against the white background which shows the sense of unity and togetherness of every colour under the white background despite of measuring the wavelength, tone and frequency in all the 5 colours, which represents that each and every citizen of every country can represent their nation without any sense of discrimination under the same sky.The six colors can be combined in any number of ways to reproduce the flag of every country without exception. It gives the opportunity to the citizens to showcase themselves in the name of their respective nations in different sports without any kind of inequity and bias among them.


As with the changing times, the youth of the world has become more generous and they have the sense of being vocal about their thoughts and their abilities which gives an ever-growing impression in the world. With the modern world, the youth has all the elements to showcase their respective interest in different fields. Since olympics gives an opportunity to the youth to represent their desire and talent in their respective best sport they are in, it gives a learning atmosphere for the youth to inspire and learn through a sport. Representing your culture, your country on a global level gives an indescribable emotion from which the youth seeks the importance of culture, its meaning.
Young athletes exhibiting their respective countries in 100’s of different sports in an international level competition and earns medals through their hard work, desire and generosity. It’s an unimaginable moment for the athlete who wins on a global level among 206 countries, Olympics truly gives so many of opportunities to the citizens, to earn through their hard work and desire without getting judged or discriminated in any form.


The Olympic Games, which originated in ancient Greece, 3,000 years ago, were revived in the late 19th century and have become the world’s prominent sporting competition. From the 8th century B.C. to the 4th century A.D., the Games were held every four years in Olympia, located in the western Peloponnese peninsula, in honor of the god Zeus. The first modern Olympics took place in 1896 in Athens, and featured 280 participants from 12 nations, competing in 43 events. Since 1994, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games have been held separately and have alternated every two years. The 2020 Summer Olympics, delayed one year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.


India has been participating in Olympics since 1900. Being the most diversified and culturally active country, it has been the most commendable and honoured country in the platform of Olympics as well. No doubt, India in the race of Olympics is not so graceful as compared to other countries, but India being the 2nd most populated country gives cultural competition to many other countries, it has gained prosperity in each and every sector, but in Olympics, India has a little disgraceful exhibition among the several countries.


  • Excess importance to cricket

We, as a country, are obsessed with a singular sport and that is cricket. It is only during major events like Olympics when other sports are given a part of the limelight and fan cheering. For the rest of the year, we stay ignorant of who’s who of other sports. They are promoted less, there are fewer sponsors for the other sports, there are even less fans hooting and cheering them to do better and then we go about complaining and trolling athletes when we do not get enough medals.

  • Lack of encouragement

The foremost factor right from the very beginning, youth in India are discouraged from pursuing a career in sports. Our parents are obsessed with the likes of medical and engineering. And for girls, the scenario is even worse with list of drawbacks and hindrances they have to face before they could persuade their parents to allow them to play. Most of them are forced to quit sports in order to do something that would give them better job security. Our success as an academically-oriented people proves that we are excellent at pursuing something that pays well, so does India’s obsession with cricket.

  • Poor administration

There is no proper governing of Administrative issues is the prime concern with Indian sports. Non-Involvement of ex-sportsman in administrative staff is also a major reason why India lacks in this sector. Our economy has been prospering and allotment of funds to different fields of development has been improvising with each year’s budget. However, there is still relatively very less allotment of funds for sports given the sheer number of youths who are willing to take up sports seriously. Enough of IITs and IIMs, when will we get a dedicated sports university?


  • Khelo India Youth Games

Khelo India Youth Games, held annually in January or February, are the national level multidisciplinary grassroot games in India held for two categories, namely under-17 years school students and under-21 college students. Every year best 1000 kids will be given an annual scholarship of 5 lakh for 8 years to prepare them for the international sporting events. This is a great initiative by the Govt of India.

  • Collective efforts

India being a developing country cannot invest a major part of it’s economy for sports. India has a huge number of industrialist and business men who can easily take up responsibilities to encourage these talented athletes and collectively make the necessary arrangements. Instead of giving them crores of rupees as rewards after winning, we should focus on giving them basic amenities for developing them as a good sports person.

  • Too much criticism

There is a lot of criticism about the performance of Indian athletes over the years. This decreases their morale. The point is, if you can’t support them, don’t, but please don’t criticize them. You don’t know their stories, their food facility, coaching, support, Money, still they made it to Olympics to compete with the ones who were trained, supported and recognized well by their respective country or govt or organization.

  • Impartial 

We might have a lot of Dhonis but it’s difficult to find more Mary Koms and Sania Nehwals owing to the gender discrimination that has paved its way into sports. Sports and women are the two opposite ends of a pole. The society does not encourage girls to be an active part of sports, moreover they are considered to be delicate creatures and their potential in sports is questioned. This should be stopped. There should be special policies to encourage the participation of women in sports.

  • Transparency in the system

Selection process of players and board members needs more transparency. Sports-governing body heads should be an ex-sportsman. This will create job opportunities for sportsmen as well. Players should be only judged upon their performance and not any other factors.

-Sukhmani Panesar