Has Corona Crisis hit the student lives badly?

Covid 19 crisis has ruined most of the people lives in the world. Coming to India has already affected most of the people’s lives which include the careers of students. A student who is pursuing under-graduation and post-graduation thinks to build his career from the college itself. Most of college life helps the student to grow in many ways. It can be personality-wise or physical and mental development and communicating and socializing and part of learning and doing research and developing any skills

Most of the students are facing problems in the following ways:

Listening Online classes

Most part of the education system includes students from rural areas. The students who live in rural areas are not listening to the classes on their mobile or laptop due to network issues. The online way of teaching is not so adaptive making the student just log in for the attendance or leave the class. Students are not able to listen to online classes

Lack of Practical Knowledge

Engineering and medical students are having a problem with practical applications. Field visits and labs are part of engineering and medical courses. The lack of practical applications making the students difficult to relate to the concepts learned in the class. Especially final year students are facing the issue in doing the projects

Events and Workshops

The college curriculum includes events and workshops. The events and tournaments conducted in sports and arts help the students to showcase their talent and also helps them to overcome various fears and improve confidence. The Workshops conducted in colleges help the students to explore various modern technologies and know about them. These all events conducted in college helps the students to grow professionally and personally

Difficulty in learning skills and preparing for competitive exams

The coaching centers for competitive exams and other skills are closed due to corona. Students used to learn skills or prepare for any competitive exams for securing jobs in government and private sectors by attending these coaching centers. The students are facing difficulties in learning online. Lack of personal attention, difficulty in asking doubts to the instructor, subject discussion with other students are some of the issues or difficulties faces.

Delay or cancellation of Abroad studies

Students who wish to go abroad and study there are facing issues of travel. Some countries like China, Britain have imposed travel bans on Indians due to increasing covid cases. Some students who got visas are facing issues with certificates. Students have to submit certificates to get admission to foreign Universities. The delay in the certificate issue is due to the late conduct of the final semester/ final year examinations. Due to this issues, Some students cancel or postpone their plan of studying abroad

College life and Graduation ceremony

Due to the corona crisis, most of the graduation ceremonies are either conducted online or canceled. And most of the college life and memories made during this college life are affected. The enjoyment and enthusiasm are adversely affected. There is also difficulty in communicating with friends online except a 2 or 3 friends whom we talk frequently

Internships and Jobs

Students are unable to get placed or internships. The internships available online are much lesser than the internships available offline. The companies which offer placements are worst hit by the crisis financially. As a result, the placements offered seem to fall


Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before Graduating School

It’s again the time to apply for colleges while you’re just out of school. This stage in life always involves uncertainty and stress, and in addition COVID-19 has made it even more challenging for students. Here are some things I wish I knew before I got out of school-

It’s okay to not have everything figured out just yet

I’m sure you have heard all types of questions about your future- ranging from which college would you like to get into to what do you want to major in, from what type of career do you want after college to what’s your plan-B. If you know the answer to such questions then, congratulations you’re the lucky one. But It’s okay if you don’t know the answers to these right now. Most people don’t have their entire life figured out at age of 17/18. You’ll get there eventually. Try exploring one question at a time instead of stressing about all of these at once. Small steps, remember?

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone

This is probably one of the biggest things I had to learn after getting out of school. It’s so important that you learn to step out of your comfort zone while you’re in school. School offers you a very sheltered environment, but college doesn’t. You’ll have to make ways to achieve things you want and even go and extra mile for them. Inculcating this habit will benefit you in the long run. You surely don’t want to miss out on opportunities in college simply because you were afraid to take a risk.

You and your friends might grow apart

I was fortunate enough to experience my school friendships grow even stronger after leaving school. But this wan’t the case with most of the friend groups in my school batch. It is something that happens when you all jet off to different cities, when you meet new people who you connect with better or when you see that people who you were close to in school aren’t making as much effort to communicate as you are, which happens a lot. It’s highly unlikely for your entire friend group to end up in the same university or college after graduation or for them to make the same efforts they were making when you all were meeting each day. Either way, don’t be discouraged if you realise you’re not as close as you were in school.

ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s your pride or your fear holding you back, try and get over it. You don’t have to force yourself to struggle when you can ask the ones you trust for help. Whether it’s related to academics or your personal struggle adjusting to a new environment, reach out for help. Looking back you will wish you had asked for help when you had the chance to. This will make your life a lot more easier.

PRIORITIzE your health, physical and mental

Learn to prioritize your health and pay attention to what your body needs from you. Pulling all nighters day after day after day will destroy you and your focus. And No, you can’t survive the whole day at college on a diet of lays and coke forever. Don’t skip your meals. Your health is very important.

You don’t have to be the same person you were in high school

College is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. It’s the perfect time to unlearn concepts and opinions that you no longer agree with. It’s the perfect time to to better yourself educating yourself with issues that are revenant around you. University offers you an environment suitable to reinvent yourself, it offers you the space to give educated opinions and to find like minded people who you willingly want to interact with online school where you had to interact with your classmates only. If you were the brainiac that always had a secret passion for art, then join your college’s art club. If in school you were into sports but always appreciated and enjoyed debating, then join the debate club while participate in the sports activities of your choice. You don’t have to stay the same and that’s the beauty of it.