What is going to happen in Afghanistan ?

US president Joe biden has chosen 11 September , 2021 as the date when all the US troops would be completely out of Afghanistan ie he chose the anniversary of 9 /11 attacks as the troopers’ last day . The withdrawal is going to cause a vacuum in Afghanistan as Afghan military is not going to be sufficient to fight against Taliban alone. Taliban already claims to have 85 percent of the country under its control. Also their recent demand for women starting from age 15 for marraige to the commanders has been opposed and criticised a lot by afghans as well as other non Afghan entities . Thousands of people have lost their homes and have been relocated in refugee camps.

Where there is more instability , military presence can be seen easily whether we take example of Afghanistan or Myanmar . The vaccum created by the withdrawal of US troops would need to be filled or else Taliban is going to sweep accross whole of the country.

Taliban has stated that it will be their decision about what to do to any force or troops that remain in Afghanistan after 11 September. If Taliban do not take all Afghan interests in account , then there will be no peace and stability in the country. But observing the current situation one can say that there is a possibility of civil war as Taliban is not going to give way to any other entity.

After the events , Taliban has gained legitimacy which means India will have to engage directly with Taliban now. Recently we had to withdraw our diplomats and other offce bearers out of Kandhar and other provinces as there was a possibility of war seen at that time. India needs to be active and patient in order to see results in Afghanistan .


The Case for a New Avenger

S.H.I.E.L.D. might have missed assembling team members from India, but it is never too late to correct an oversight. Imagine our larger-than-life superhero, Rajinikanth, partnering with other Avengers in a combined mission to save the planet from dangerous predators with bad intentions. Some aliens, some familiar ones! Yes, India is far from America, and the distance seems to have increased during the pandemic, but Rajinikanth could give some worthy company to Iron Man and perhaps teach him a trick or two, too, through holographic interfaces and augmented reality. Who knows, he could also kill all the mutants of Coronaviruses in this quest!

I wish to present some facts now to give you a background of my strategic human resource and leadership plan for S.H.I.E.L.D. India has one of the largest numbers of gig workers in the world. As per a March 2021 report by consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the gig economy in India is expected to soar to 90 million in approximately a decade from now. Choose any vocation here and you will be spoilt for choices. Almost everyone is an expert on politics, economics, socio-cultural issues, fashion, sports, career, marriage, children, nature, animals, traffic, the dos, and don’ts … the list is endless. People can even advice others on how they should lead their lives. It’s affection, silly!

War for talent? Clearly, recruiters have not been able to explore the depth of this vast pool. To reiterate, India is a land bubbling with high potentials. Now let us go back to the topic of superpowers. There is plan B too. Rajinikanth could have a serious competition in a plain-looking community here. S.H.I.E.L.D. could consider appointing some members from this fraternity too.

You are rolling your eyes? Why? Hear me out. Presenting to you the case of beholders of the mighty pen (over a sword or a gun), and the upholders of fine speech. Their words hit no less than the missiles unleashed by Israel over the Gaza strip. Let me walk you through the innate gifts of a less publicized community with an immensely amoeba-like (plasma membrane) flexibility.

The teachers.

The extremely sturdy ones can stand the whole day, operate (teach) without a table and a chair, or, the basic infrastructure, and sometimes work even at low or no salaries for months. The strengths, struggles and coping mechanism of the privileged ones out of this lot are embedded in different realms. More on that, later! You will be astonished to learn how many hats teachers can don at the same time. They juggle between being a mentor, coach, counsellor, Devil’s advocate, friend, philosopher, or guide. Interestingly, even their DNA personifies versatility. Over the years, the mutations in their genetic material have helped them learn how to make milestones of the stones thrown at them by students unhappy with their marks, and parents unhappy with the teachers for giving those marks! Talk about heightened senses, their eyes can easily observe and sense the intention behind each greeting, smile and calls to the office. They are like Sharma ji ka beta/beti’, always expected to excel at everything and set an ideal example for the others to emulate.

Here, I would take a detour and ask you to recall the violinists who continued to play music for as long as they were alive, just to calm the passengers on the sinking Titanic ship. On similar lines, teachers continued to teach while the pandemic unleashed havoc around the world. The unlearning of years of classroom teaching was replaced by the immediate need to adopt new technological tools and re-learn the art of virtual teaching. The new and changed landscape was no less than the one post Thanos snapping his finger.

Aren’t convinced yet? Go to the polling booths and follow the polio immunization drives, you will know what I mean.

Now the final hook. Except for some teachers working with elite institutions, the rest won’t even charge much for their services. You can simply smile, appreciate their work, show some respect, and boy, see how they melt! Just watch how it lights up their faces. They are so motivated, especially on September 5 every year in India, that even Abraham Maslow bows to them from time to time from his grave. Had told you about their genetic sequencing earlier, remember? I do hope I have presented their (our) case well, S.H.I.E.L.D. Hopefully, you will have a relook at your current team now.

On a sidenote, can I be a contender too? Just saying. I can take it up as a gig assignment during the semester breaks. Imagine the newest Avenger on the block and that too a female from India! It will further boost the diversity and inclusion factors for you. If you can give equitable salary and perks, you could even find yourself on the pages of Harvard cases.

You might want to provide supplements of Vitamin T(eacher) to your team if Rajinikanth’s diary of appointments is full. Professor Hulk would not mind some more erudite company. In return, I vow to start quoting your example in my classes as a great employer brand with an excellent employee value proposition. Who knows, I might even write a research article. Told you, pen and words are the weapons here. Think about it. What say? Are you game?

P.S. I have recently bought a telescope to keep an eye on the stars and planets too. Taking my possible future role tad too seriously, eh?

Internet Banking

The innovations of information technology and internet have opened the new horizons to the Banking service delivery to the customers. Banking services are available on the finger tips of the customer via Internet Banking. Internet Banking, Net Banking or online banking allows you to perform various financial and non-financial transactions in your account with a click of button without visiting branch or ATM. It offers you a whole lot of features that earlier available only with the branch

In today’s fast-paced life, you need on-demand banking solutions for a better lifestyle. Internet Banking service gives you complete control over fund in your accounts online. Say bid-adieu to long queues and tired teller counter clerk. Now do banking from the comfort of your home or office, vacations ANYWHERE and ANYTIME!

Internet banking allows banking user to get connected to it’s bank’s internet banking portal to perform desire banking functions. If you are a Bank customer then you can avail Internet Banking facility after having received secure access of your net banking account from your bank. After secure login you will have direct access to your account. All the banking functions, financial and non-financials, that bank has made available on the internet banking mode will be displayed in menu of your online user account. You can select to perform any transaction and further result will be as per the policy for the nature of the service.

Your internet banking works on the concept of data centralization in the core banking system and allowing restricted access through net banking channel.

You must be apprehensive about the safety and security of online banking. Nelito’s Internet Banking product has following features to make your banking safe and secure:

  • Internet Banking product is developed on SSL protocol and 128-bit encryption technology to provide a secure channel for data exchange – which keeps your online banking data secure and safe.
  • Customer login is also verified at 2 levels by userid-password combination and PAN Number or Date of Birth authentications.
  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) requires you to input OTP (One Time Password) sent only on to your registered mobile number for all key transactions.
  • Your login session gets expired after a certain period in case there is no activity in your logged in session. This secures any unauthorized access to your logged in session.
  • Tracking of wrong OTP and passwork attempts.

Thus your Netbanking is safe, fast and secure, enabling you to perform your banking transaction with total peace of mind .

Range of services and features on internet banking includes:

  • Account Balance of all accounts linked to your customer ID
  • View and Download account statement.
  • Fund transfer through NEFT & RTGS
  • Avail Different Deposit Schemes and Banking Services like insurance, credit cards, demand draft etc.
  • Cheque Status and Stop Payment Request
  • Pay government taxes
  • Pay online your utility bills like Electricity, Telephone, Subscription payments along with Charity and Donation.
  • Recharge your mobile/DTH connection.
  • 24 x 7 Money Transfer through IMPS
  • Set up standing instructions for transfer of fixed amount to be executed at fixed intervals.
  • Various non-financial transactions like cheque book request, profile change, KYC, inquiries 

Smuggling of Gold a White Collar Crime

“Smugglers, hoarders and black marketers have no country, caste or nation of their own. Their only ‘God’ and concern is the yellow metal ‘Gold’.”

White collar crimes are defined as non-violent crimes, generally committed by businessmen and government professionals. In simple words, crimes committed by people who acquire important positions in a company are called white collar crimes. India is a developing country and white collar crimes are becoming a major cause for its under development along with poverty, health, etc. The trend of white collar crimes in India poses a threat to the economic development of the country. These crimes require immediate intervention by the government by not only making strict laws but also ensuring its proper implementation. Recently, there is a case occurred in Kerala in which diplomats, politicians alleged to had involvement in smuggling of gold. This case has made headlines in all the newspaper and news channels.

In Kerala the local people migrate themselves in foreign countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the purpose of job. 70% of Indians in UAE are Keralites and 35.5 per cent of Keralite expatriates are in UAE.In October 2016 the first consulate of United Arab Emirates (UAE) in South India, was opened in Thiruvananthapuram the motive was to increase the higher education and tourism sector to be increased.

On Sunday 5th of July 2020 the Custom and Preventive Department had clutched 30 kg of Gold from Thiruvananthapuram International Airport which is worth of Rs. 15 crore. It was an air cargo diplomatic consignment was send from United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Trivandrum International Airport in which the gold bars and sticks were hidden inside some of the household equipment to avoid detection. 

As there was an involvement of Consulate of United Arab Emirates (UAE) the custom department was unable to raid them directly, they obtained permission from Ministry of External Affairs, as per the Vienna Convention the consignments to diplomatic mission enjoys immunity. When the permission was granted from Ministry Of External affairs officers of United Arab Emirates (UAE) was called in the presence of them the consignment was unwrapped.

The consignment was in the name of Sarith Kumar who has been previously working has a Public Relation Officer of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) consulate General Office was arrested on 6th July 2020 remanded for 14 days. Sarith Kumar confessed to be in cahoots with Swapna Suresh on the crime. The custom department has accused Swapna Suresh as the mastermind behind trying to smuggle about 30kg gold.

Who is Swapna Suresh ?

She was a consultant to one of the offices under the State Government’s Information Technology ministry. She worked as the marketing liaison officer of the Space Park under the Kerala State Information Technology (KSITIL). After the Customs department intensified its search for her, state government terminated her contract with the IT department with immediate effect. Swapna Suresh and Sandeep Nair who was also involved in the attempt of gold smuggling was detained by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as on 12th July 2020

However, this is not the first case against Swapna Suresh in 2013, when she joined as an HR executive with AISATS, an airport service firm, in Thiruvananthapuram. It came to light later that she had conspired with another senior executive at the firm to forge a false complaint of sexual abuse against an airport staff. She had prepared as many as 17 complaints, in many bogus names, against the person, who later complained to the state police seeking a probe into the conspiracy. Suresh was listed as an accused, but the investigation was disrupted, allegedly because of her influence. It was alleged that she has connections with principal secretary to Kerala Chief Minister. There were photos of Swapna Suresh often seen moving in key social, political and bureaucratic circles.

Sapna Suresh filed for anticipatory bail in the Kerala High Court claiming that she had contacted the airport officer regarding the cargo on the alleged directions of top diplomat in the UAE Consulate General office, Rashid Khamis Al Shameli. She also claimed that she was still working with the consulate under ‘work on request basis’.

This things make it clear that she has contacts with powerful people who are involved in such scandalous crime still hiding their faces with mask on it. They are the big sharks of the ocean who train the small fishes push them to fight on their behalf and hide themselves. When the small fishes die on the battleground they start searching for another fish.

What United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy has to say?

The embassy in his statement told they utterly condemns the attempted misuse of diplomatic channels by an individual engaged in smuggling activity. They rejected such acts unequivocally affirms that mission and its diplomatic staff had no role in this matter.

Anti-Terror Law

The home minster ordered a probe by National Investigation Agency (NIA) into the case. According to NIA an FIR is registered under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 2004 sections which are as follows :

Section 15- Terrorist Act (what all includes and define terrorist act)

Section 16- Punishment for Terrorist act

if such act has resulted in the death of any person, be punishable with death or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine

 in any other case, be punishable with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than five years but which may extend to imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.

Section 17-Punishment for raising funds for terrorist act.

Whoever, in India or in a foreign country, directly or indirectly, raises or provides funds or collects funds, whether from a legitimate or illegitimate source, from any person or persons or attempts to provide to, or raises or collects funds for any person or persons, knowing that such funds are likely to be used, in full or in part by such person or persons or by a terrorist organisation or by a terrorist gang or by an individual terrorist to commit a terrorist act, notwithstanding whether such funds were actually used or not for commission of such act, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than five years but which may extend to imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.

Section 18. Punishment for conspiracy, etc.

Whoever conspires or attempts to commit, or advocates, abets, advises or 3 [incites, directly or knowingly facilitates] the commission of, a terrorist act or any act preparatory to the commission of a terrorist act, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than five years but which may extend to imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.

Enforcement Directorate

After customs, NIA, the Enforcement Directorate has also joined the probe in the case. Enforcement Directorate zonal officer in Kochi has launched a preliminary enquiry into the matter under Section 3 of the Foreign Exchange management act which says about Dealing in Foreign exchange, etc.

There has been gold smuggling in our country as the rates of gold in India is expensive as compared in UAE also there is invasion in tax. Kerala is been their favourite designation for bringing the smuggled gold as in Kerala they can easily find customers. This case also light up the racket which brings high officials, diplomats under one roof as using the diplomatic channel to smuggle the gold one should need strong connections to make the smuggling successful. There would be a needs of strong connections in the right corridors of power enforcement officials normally do not lay hands on consignments tagged ‘diplomatic’ as these are highly sensitive and if a search fails to yield results, the officer concerned will be held answerable for straining diplomatic relations between two countries.

As per the law of Torts the law is settled that a master is vicariously liable for the acts of his servant acting in the course of his employment. Unless the act is done in the course of employment, the servant’s act does not make the employer liable. In other words, for the master’s liability to rise, the act must be a wrongful act authorised by the master or a wrongful and unauthorised mode of doing some act authorised by the master.  Similarly, in this case the racket is deep rooted the main influences is still hiding what we see is just a half reality if we have to eradicate such crimes we need to reach the deep roots from where it is all started.